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Property Transactions 12.7.18


6 Lakeshore Ave., $330,000.
Judith and Steven Tiffault sold property to 6 Lake Shore Ave LLC.

13 France Lane, $300,000.
John and Florence France sold property to Lindsay and John France, Jr. 

8 America Way, $389,000.
Joshua Terranova sold property to Christopher and Christina Marino.

16 Lawmar Lane, $190,000.
Daniel Graves (as Trustee) sold property to Christine Avellino. 


20 Jolly Rd., $245,000.
Kyle Horton sold property to Scott and Holly Gould. 

1190 Peaceable St., $351,000.
William Ziganto (as Successor Trustee) sold property to Justin Fortney. 


80 Stark Rd., $60,100.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to David Kirchhoff. 


5823 Sacandaga Rd., $225,000.
James Cunningham sold property to Galway Plaza LLC.


320 and 322 Wing Rd., $35,000.
Carolyn Carver (by Exec) sold property to William and Wendy Meissner. 

13 Park Ave., $92,500.
Christina Ordway and Joseph Rutkowski sold property to Jeffrey Hobbs.

389 Wilton Rd., $375,000.
Stacey Backhaus sold property to Samantha and Brian McBee.

3100 Route 9N, $760,000.
Greenfield Vet LLC sold property to Serfis Realty Holdings LLC. 


57 Admirals Way, $734,304.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Thomas McCormick and Courtney Warner.

648-650 Malta Ave., $280,000.
Lloyd and Carol Haas sold property to 648 650 Malta Ave LLC.

42 Yachtsman Way, $485,000.
Mark and Cheryl Florin sold property to RAS Closing Services LLC. 

52 Century Dr., $447,500.
Michelle Baldani sold property to Lauren Matthews and David Purcell. 

41 Maiden Circle, $365,000.
Philip and Rita Reynolds sold property to Jeraldine Lake. 

38 Lindenwood Dr., $340,000.
Fangyu Wu sold property to David Schultz and Amanda Hadsell. 

76 Thimbleberry Rd., $194,000.
Theresa Brown (by Exec) sold property to Ian Danforth.

4 Danbury Dr., $250,000.
Bruce and Marcia Campbell sold property to Esvin Secaida and Alexia Lukken. 

15 Old Chatham Court, $229,000.
Michael and Dannielle Kanaby sold property to Michelle Marinello.


48 Knollwood Hollow Terrace, $250,000.
Bernardine Stephens sold property to Robert and Janet Lemon. 

116 Paisley Rd., $279,000.
Carrie Casabonne sold property to Margaret Kinosian.

834 Salem Dr., $315,000.
Vincent Lamorticello and Laurie Newcomer sold property to David Grimes and Sarah Szewczyk. 

655 Stark Terrace, $325,000.
Christine and Jeromie Cook sold property to Brian and Danielle Jiguere.

13 Birchwood Court, $280,500.
Douglass Winters sold property to Max and Caitlin Grande. 

2168 Barrett Rd., $40,000.
Rickena and Samantha Lobdell sold property to CCD Property Solutions Inc. 


8 Church St., $197,000.
Adam and Michelle Starowicz sold property to Megan O’Sullivan.

129 River Rd and US Route 4, $279,000.
Henry Hollmer (by Execs) sold property to Anita Hodson.

US Route 4, $18,000.
Henry Hollmer (by Execs) sold property to Anita Hodson. 

US Route 4 Rear, $3000.
Anita Hodson and Alvin Hollmer sold property to Anita Hodson.


58 Outlook Ave., $250,000.
Lorraine DeMarco sold property to Cynthia Hostetler (Ind and as Trustee). 

14 McGee Lane, $327,800.
Florence Maglione (by Exec) sold property to Patrick and Brianne Martino.

8 Jenna Jo Ave., $390,000.
Oak Ridge Development LLC sold property to Nicholas Chauvin. 

276 Grand Ave., $295,000.
Nicole Pitaniello sold property to Lena Wilkins. 

7 Evergreen Dr., $385,000.
7 Evergreen Drive LLC sold property to Jennifer and Cheryl Monaco. 

4 Ashley Place, $640,000.
Walt Pazderski and Janet Lilley sold property to Yuyang Sun and Ping Xu. 

14 Lakewood Dr., $380,500.
Ryan Elenor Life Estate sold property to Nicole Pitaniello.

144 Meadowbrook Rd., $273,000.
Ronald and Jessica Ruschak sold property to Jessical Ruschak. 

315 Jefferson St., $175,000.
DGD Holdings LLC sold property to John and Tara Venditte.

20 Tamarack Trail, $227,500.
Robert and Meaghan Bartelt sold property to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. 

20 Tamarack Trail, $227,500.
Weichert Workforce Mobility sold property to Devin and Julie VanZandt.

506 Crescent Ave., $134,000.
Karin Doughty sold property to William Robinson, Jr. 

506 Crescent Ave., $115,000.
William Robinson (by Atty) sold property to Donald and Kay Cairns. 

62 Arrowhead Rd., Rear, $550,000.
James and Lawrence Doyle sold property to Tomahawk 28 and 51 LLC. 

62 Arrowhead Rd., Rear, $650,000.
James and Lawrence Doyle sold property to Tomahawk 29 and 30 LLC. 

19 St. Charles Place, $240,000.
Wilhelm Bloem sold property to Daniel Kelly.

244 Caroline St., $720,500.
Darren and Kirstin Drabek sold property to Raphaela Schmid and Patrick Nold. 


18 Woodlake Dr., $343,995.
Mason Street LLC sold property to David and Patricia Hudson. 


Edie Rd., and Route 50, $96,000.
Nature Conservancy Inc sold property to People of New York State and NYS Commissioner of Environmental Conservation.

13 Suffolk Lane, $271,000.
Timothy and Brenda Breen sold property to Nathaniel Ayotte and Sydney Swinell. 

26 Plum Court, $295,000.
Elizabeth Barthelmas (by Agent) sold property to Patrick Dolan, Jr. 

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Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  7 Currie Court, $135,000. Anne Dunbar (by Exec) sold property to John Welch. 650 Goode St., $280,000. Jean Walsh (as Trustee) sold property to Andrew Travaly and Carla Welch. 9 America Way, $416,294. Briarwood Brooks Development LLC sold property to Michael and Deborah Caschera.  80 McLean St., $307,500. Eric and Danica Andersen sold property to Thad and Andrea Smith. 151 Lake Hill Rd., $340,000. David and Tara DeLuke sold property to Michael Hazard. 335 Schauber Rd., $712,000. Frank and Denise Volpe sold property to Peter and Tammy Kalker. MALTA 30 Cooper Ridge Dr., $487,002. Abele Builders  sold…
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