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Property Transactions 7.6.18


1 Leah Court, $372,000.
MA Schafer Construction Inc. sold property to Michael and Colleen Cambage.

3 Red Barn Dr., $395,610.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Edward and Lynn Troiano. 

20 Forest Rd., $223,800.
Colleen Furey (as Trustee) sold property to Marcia Grodick. 


386 Stage Rd., $465,000.
Chatham Ridge LLC sold property to John and Kathleen Reyes. 

2 Beechwood Dr., $256,000.
John Thomas sold property to Kathleen Rose.

761A Swaggertown Rd., $420,000.
Randall Angerosa sold property to Michael Chamberlin and Rebecca Wolf. 

29 Crawford Dr., $318,000.
Richard Nalbert, Jr. sold property to Albert and Jessica Dorpfeld.


3190 Route 9N, $100,000.
Ernest Chamberlin (by Exec) sold property to Saratoga Springs City School District.

26 Main St., $85,000.
Phaedra Stasyshyn sold property to Mary Leone. 

11 Hyspot Rd., $425,000.
Anna Jordan sold property to Joseph and Jamie Sabanos. 

53 Russell Rd., $249,900.
Daren and Paula Robarge sold property to Benjamin Munn. 

125 Braim Rd., $1,064,500.
Jeffrey and Deane Pfeil sold property to Peter VanDerRiet and Anouk Lambers.


20 Hunters Run, $385,000.
Brian and Christine Delarm sold property to Xiu Zhang and Christopher Allen. 

25 Vettura Court, $415,000.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to William and Mary Taylor. 

10 Janes Ave., $225,000.
William and Sue Kirber sold property to Michael Steves and Olivia Gliserman.

10 Hills Rd., $267,000.
Kevin and Kim Hedley sold property to Nicholas and Cathleen Schiraldi. 

21 Wake Robin Rd., $174,500.
Jessica and Paul Worobey, Jr. sold property to Taylor Welch.

34 Mayapple Way, $245,000.
Daniel and Pamela MacGregor sold property to Alex Teran and Daryle Campbell. 

6 Featherfoil Way, $282,000.
Linnea Lopresti sold property to Joseph Gritser. 

29 Vettura Court, $376,402.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to Robert and Isabelle Lunden. 

8 Riley Cove Rd., $395,000.
Robert Schrade sold property to Thomas and Victoria Niles. 

19 Nostalgia Lane, $445,000.
Angela and Vaschy Canales sold property to Taylor Socha.

8 Plum Poppy Court, $429,390.
Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Hai Zhu and Fei Li.

83 Ordelia Lane, $302,500.
Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Nicholas and Linda Cristo.

56 Vettura Court, $85,000.
Lecomor Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

13 Vettura Court, $85,000.
Lecmore Residential LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 


213 Whitetail Court, $174,500.
Joseph Cannizzaro sold property to Colleen Frochauer. 

11 River Rock Dr., $289,777.
Deborah Micho sold property to Zachary Beauregard and Mary Arnold. 

681 Stark Terrace, $375,000.
David Wardell and Kathleen Schwab Wardell sold property to Ryan and Allison Dantonio. 

29 Knollwood Hollow Terrace, $225,000.
Barbara Miakisz (by Exec) sold property to Stephen Singer (as Trustee). 

7 Paisley Rd., $485,000.
Joseph and Tanya Blanco sold property to NP Dodge Jr. (as Trustee).

7 Paisley Rd., $485,000.
NP Dodge, Jr. (as Trustee) sold property to John and Deborah Hickey. 

812 Rock City Rd., $86,000.
Donald and John Ferris sold property to John Ferris.

587 Acland Blvd., $339,175.
Edward Norton (Ind and as Agent) and Kylee Norton (by Agent) sold property to Christopher and Claire Angier. 

19 Knollwood Hollow, $230,000.
Jacqueline Gacek sold property to Alice Carpenter. 

104 Kayaderosseras Dr., $335,000.
Tammy and Michael Hall sold property to Tina Green.


131 Cemetery Rd., $222,000.
Carol Dumas Barrett sold property to Jason and Katey Rorick. 

127 Minnie Bennett Rd., $190,000.
US Bank National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Nicholas and Terry Cuomo. 


9 Oak Ridge Blvd., $1,175,000.
Joseph and Donna Hermann sold property to Benjamin and India Adams.

6 East Broadway, $560,260.
McKenzie Estates of Saratoga Springs LLC sold property to Bruce and Shelley Tabakman.

565 Grand Ave., $435,000.
Stephen Caruso sold property to Christopher and Erika Cook.

77 State St., $420,000.
James and Shane Williams Ness sold property to 37 Greenfield LLC. 

30 Whistler Court Unit 126, $251,000.
James and Nancy Till sold property to Christopher and Tiffany Foley. 

79 Hathorn Blvd., $219,900.
Joan Williams sold property to Nicole and Charles Senecal, Jr. and Barbera Arnold. 

33 Jane St., $504,099.
Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to Amy Kraus and Patrick McGowan.

9 Concord Dr., $364,000.
Glenn Barrett sold property to Christopher Orapello. 

38 High Rock Ave., $685,000.
John and Lucille Koch (as Trustees) sold property to George and Patricia Wilson. 

16 Tompion Lane. $216,995.
Gaela Mitchell sold property to Elizabeth Towne.

21 Horseshoe Dr., $489,000.
Joanne Schleicher sold property to KPJPI LLC. 

10 Lamplighter Lane, $246,000.
Joshua Morrison sold property to Lynn Howard. 

Washington St., $3,700,000.
Saratoga Rte. 29 Plaza LTD sold property to Intrad Saratoga Springs House Development Fund Corporation.


42 Whirlaway Blvd, $341,000.
Joseph and Jamie Sabanos sold property to Timothy and Maureen Sharkey.

4/10 Cardiff Circle Waverly Pl., $432,000.
Tra Tom Development Inc. sold property to David Canfield.

8 Evergreen Dr., $294,000.
Randy and Sandra Jeska sold property to Brian Coville.

5 Thistle Rd., $337,500.
Natalie Darrow sold property to Remus Preda and Lisa Randles. 

371 Northern Pines Rd., $275,000.
Deborah Collins (as Trustee) and Diane Padalino (as Trustee) sold property to Jason Thomas and Karen Horn Thomas.

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Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  739 Goode St., $70,000. Clifford and Frieda Garrison sold property to Leslie Lotano Saba.  972 Benedict Rd., $280,675. David and Tammy Munsey sold property to Eric Schultz. 543 Devil’s Lane, $390,000. Travis Moore and Michael Louis (Co Trustees) sold property to Jacob and Corey Ennis.  140 Westside Dr., $690,000. Joel Prescott sold property to David and Margaret LaBarr. 15 Katherine Court, $360,000. Philip Hage and Michelle DiCarlo sold property to Jennifer Gary. 31 Ironwood St., $417,529. Heritage Builders Group, LLC sold property to Stefan and Mandi Foster. CORINTH 40 Barbara Mac D Drive, $207,500. Edwin and Lisa…
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