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Property Transactions 6.8.18


301 Charlton Rd., $260,000.
Joan Hallgren sold property to Jeffrey Latter and Lauren Smith. 


2110 Maple Ave., $650,000.
Lael Dickinson sold property to Florence Heukensfieldt Jansen.


20 Dennis Dr., $345,000.
Udaya Boothpur and Hema Gambhire sold property to Edward and Mary Scully. 

12 Berkshire Dr., $400,000.
Caryn Lafleche sold property to Christopher Rizzo and Gisela Torres Rizzo. 

3 Stoney Creek Dr., $179,900.
Douglas Goral sold property to Sandra Dethorne. 

7 Lussier Dr., $365,000.
Sarah Scarpace Peters sold property to Modesto and Melanie Lugo. 

56 Via Da Vinci, $370,000.
Ronald and Patricia Shannon sold property to David Hollner and Tristan Kisling. 

9 Meridan Lane, $285,000.
James and Linda Murphy sold property to Karen Wolanin. 

55 Glouchester St., $340,000.
Christopher and Maureen McDermott sold property to Danielle Ferriero and Jason Mack. 

1153 Ballston Lake Rd., $30,000.
Ballston Realty LLC sold property to Mark Barkyoumb. 

10 Kain Terrace, $110,000.
Kain Development LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

627 Grooms Rd., $293,500.
Michael Gilday sold property to Peter and Adrienna Kudrewicz. 

1 Cheshire Ridge, $525,000.
Daniel Paik and Seung Lee sold property to Henan Zhang and Chunxiao Fu.

4 Maureen Court, $430,000.
Jan and Roseann Czajkowski sold property to Jeffery Dilger and Lynn Johneas. 

3 McLane St., $125,000.
Shawn and Trevor Gallager/Gallager Prime Properties DBA sold property to Caldarazzo Group LLC/Sam Caldarazzo. 

5 Sturbridge Court, $289,000.
Pauline Finney sold property to Andrew and Courtney Little. 


44 Locust Ridge Dr., $230,000.
Kirchhoff Rental Properties LLC sold property to Justin Bliven. 

4713 Route 9N, $185,000.
Traci Kingsley sold property to John and Erika Coltrain. 


2614 S. Shore Rd., $245,000.
Deborah Parsons sold property to Erica and Peter Hindle.

77 Outlook Terrace, $224,000.
William and Teri Crowne sold property to Joann and Nicholas Jakowiw, Jr. 

5 Cuyler St. $7,500.
Suzanne Potts sold property to Stephen Frost.


43 Marion Rd., $90,000.
Kenneth Beesmer and Peter Perry sold property to John McKee and Gretchen Chase Smith. 


1063 Palmer Rd., $200,000.
Douglas Lawrence and Lua Rafalak Lawrence sold property to Donald and Susan Persico. 


567 North End Rd., $392,000.
Barry Kramer and Donna Zalichin sold property to Stephen and Jill Fifield. 

69 Daniels Rd., $458,000.
Leo and Olga Geoffrion sold property to Michael Orr and Alyson Chapman. 

216 Locust Grove Rd., $156,000.
Wilming Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Robert Courtney. 


7 Park Ave., $24,500.
Wayne and Drucille Dickerson sold property to George A. Bercharlie and George J. Bercharlie.

66 Stewart Bridge Rd., $7,600.
County of Saratoga and Louis and Sally Palladino sold property to Eleanor Plifcofsky. 

36 2nd Ave., $70,000.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Barbara Seaman.


Lot 81, Swatling Dr., $372,592.
Beacon Homes LLC sold property to Radhika Kamlapurkar.

67 Moreland Dr., $390,000.
Elaine and John Seeber III. sold property to Jimmy Koh and Qianhe Lin.

6 Cooks Ct., $228,300.
Melanie and Modesto Lugo, Jr. sold property to Michael Gifford and Nicole Manzella. 

19 A Fairway Dr., $283,000.
Kurt and Karen Freudenreich sold property to Nicole Treacy. 

201 Burgoyne Dr., $145,000.
Liam Casey (by Atty) sold property to Amanda Brooks. 

159 Ushers Rd., $427,000.
Joseph Tedesco and Arthur Gates sold property to B and T Property Holdings LLC. 


7 Stonebreak Rd., $2,450,000.
M J Properties of Clifton Park Inc. sold property to JMA Properties of Malta LLC. 

1 West Dr., $260,000.
James and Kathleen Kleinhans sold property to Marylou Ennis. 


882 Middle Line Rd., $169,855.
Harold Clothier (by Ref) sold property to Ocwen Loan Servicing.

201 Revere Dr., $295,000.
Christopher and Jenny Ordon sold property to William Lefevre and Brittany McNeice.

49 West High St. $285,000.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee) sold property to Brandon Acres.

49 West High St., $312,000.
Brandon Acres sold property to Apple Tree BNB LLC.

6650 Middle Grove Rd., $65,000.
Kazimierzi and Elaine Austro sold property to George Laque.

13 Dublin Dr., $238,450.
William and Donna Butler sold property to Michael Mercado and Nicole Campbell. 

231 Meadowlark Dr., $223,000.
Russell Williams sold property to Carolyn Scribner.

23 Skylark Dr., $275,000.
Jeffrey and Amber Whiteowl sold property to David and Devon Tarella. 


75 Saratoga Ave., $233,000.
Luigi and Anita Chiaravalle sold property to JJ and J SGF Holdings, LLC.

14 Haviland Ave., $145,000.
Roberta Brynes sold property to Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee). 

116 Feeder Dam Rd., $7,500.
Brittany Creel sold property to Matthew Stanton.

116 Feeder Dam Rd., $250,000.
Matthew Stanton sold property to Howe and Sandra Stanton. 

18 Willow St., $147,000.
Dennis Baker sold property to Eric Baker.

44 Pheasant Way, $239,300.
Daniel Brant and Monica Hogan sold property to Matthew and Micah Ryan.


Route 32, $50,000.
Franklin and Susan Shaw sold property to Klint Asmus.

11 Merchant Rd., $196,500.
Edward and Kerry Rodriguez sold property to Sarah Smith and James Wilsey.

65 Baker Rd., $237,000.
Whitney Dechene sold property to Caleb Brumleve.

15 Cook Circle, $187,000.
Jeffrey and Meghan Mercier sold property to Cassandra Digman.

102 Thomas Rd., $255,000.
Roxanne and Gary Davis sold property to Patti and Steven Allison.

Pettis Rd., $6,500.
Kara Blais sold property to Alain Blais.

5 Wilton Gansevoort Rd., $160,000.
Gansevoort Mansion LLC sold property to Aspenedge LLC. 


49 Morgans Run, $163,500.
Randy Morris and Leeann Leque Morris sold property to Alicia Murray. 

6 Morgans Run, $154,639.
John and Tara Venditte sold property to Darrin and Colleen Nastacie.

8 Eagles Way, $238,500.
Gina Collazo sold property to Zachary and Kristin Richardson. 

100 Dans View Rd., $144,000.
J Thomas Roohan sold property to Meatball Martini LLC


178 Nelson Ave., $423,000.
Jenee Erchak (as Trustee) sold property to Jeffrey Dooley and Linda Paulsen.

48-50 Park St., $490,000.
Timothy Moriarty, Sr. and Timothy Moriarty, Jr. sold property to Morgan Jones. 

46 Union Ave., Unit 301, $895,000.
Moore Hall LLC sold property to Matthew Bergeron and Andrea Bergeron Living Trust.

62-64 Excelsior Ave., $450,000.
Sidney Stark sold property to RR Depot LLC.

7 Buff Rd., $548,407.
Manuel and Jeffrey Ballestero (C0-Trustees) sold property to James and Dana Fox.

1 Richard Ave., $565,000.
Helen Cane sold property to Steven and Jacqueline Thibodeau. 

22 Central Ave., $500,000.
Justin Sabrsula and Lindsay Theile sold property to Cartus Financial Corporation. 

22 Central Ave., $500,000.
Cartus Financial Corporation sold property to Albert Camanes and Maria Vinyeta. 

35 Preakness Way, $214,400.
Lakewood Property Holdings LLC sold property to Orlando Emolo.

9 Horseshoe Dr., $457,000.
Benjamin Adams sold property to Saratoga Horseshoe LLC. 

155 Union Ave., $455,000.
Williams and Lisa Watkins sold property to JPSMSC LLC. 


7 Calvary Course, $272,000.
Timothy Weighley III sold property to Cory Black.


64 Burton Ave., $216,000.
Caroline and Dennis Polmateer sold property to Sean Kilhullen.

14 Steenburgh Ave., $24,177.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (by Authorized Agent) sold property to Fred Weinkauff.

31 & 33 Broad St., $10,475.
County of Saratoga and Deborah and David Akin sold property to Jerome Newkirk.


3 Carr Rd., $394,900.
William and Kaitlin Carson sold property to Christopher and Janine Markham.

22 Carr Rd., $240,000.
William and Lauren Sheldon sold property to Matthew and Alyssa Bradley. 

15 Christina Court, $241,000.
Charles Turner sold property to Paul Zando and Colleen Fullerton. 

38 Tom Sawyer Dr., $275,000.
Michael and David Mancini sold property to Michael McKenna. 

4 Overlook Dr., $245,700.
Federal Home LoanMortgage Corporation (by Atty) sold property to Capital Home Buyers LLC.

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