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Property Transactions 3.9.18


15 Lancaster Court, $499,000.
Timothy and Amber Miller sold property to Douglas and Martha Melville. 

31 McMaster Street, $310,000.
Kevin Vilardo (by Atty) and Christine Vilardo (Ind and as Atty) sold property to Daniel and Chelsea Leatham.

69 Lake Hill Road, $185,000.
Earl Zip sold property to Eugene and Shannon Clark.

4 Apple Street, $314,000.
Phillip Heinrichs sold property to Jennifer and Benjamin Krohn.

329 Moonlight Drive, $257,000.
Thomas Benuscak sold property to Phillip Brown. 

Lot 15 MacKenna Court, $545,954.
John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Thomas and Erin Lavertu. 


239 Stage Road, $232,000.
Geoffrey Beausoleil II sold property to Justin Bosy and Mariah Duell.

67 Rocky Ridge Road, $252,000.
Diane Lezzi sold property to Scott and Lindy Brickner.


5 Whispering Pines, $318,000.
William Ralph and Erica Massimi sold property to Joseph Reynolds and Jaclyn Britz.

5 Primer Court, $372,500.
Michael and Bridget Lenane sold property to William and Elinor Rees.

25 Nottingham Way South, $307,000.
Adam and Jennifer Shami sold property to Amy and Justin Rockenstyre.

499 Moe Road, $1,100,000.
Shenendehowa Central School Districk sold property to Town of Clifton Park. 

55 Grant Hill Court, $180,500.
Neil Cherkosly sold property to Yi Lei and Xuefeng Zhang.

19 Mallard Drive, $378,000.
Zhiyong Hong and Hong Piao sold property to Menghui Li and Sunan Zhao.

59 Wallflower Drive, $325,000.
Rodrigo DeLafuente and Anna Torres sold property to Pei Liu and Xi Deng.

1067 Ballston Lake Road, $565,000.
Mark and Amy Dougherty sold property to Charles Petraske and Eve Bucwinski. 

58 Esopus Drive, $309,900.
Richard and Amanda Balboni sold property to Richard and Brianne Maney. 


178 Howe Road, $20,000.
U.S. Bank Trust National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Kevin Skinner.

237 Wilton Mountain Road, $145,000.
Michelle and Anthony Bidmead sold property to Paul and Rebecca Bowman.


Kania Road, Lot 6, $60,000.
High Country Geospatial Inc. sold property to Timothy and Kathryn LaFave. 


100 Brigham Road, $306,600.
Capital One (by Atty) sold property to Charles Fischer.

500 Allen Road, $180,250.
Jon Szemansco sold property to Ryan and Shasta Lailer.


3 Grace Court, $522,033.
United Residential Group, sold property to Ryan and Jodi Hess.

8 Larsen Place, $431,167.
Marini Land Inc. sold property to Eric and Jena Iversen.

58 Linden Park Drive, $498,809.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Bohan Wang and Junsong Ouyang. 

42 Dormie Avenue, $269,417.
Fairways of Halfmoon LLC sold property to Katherine Rairden.

Lot 78 Jennifer Drive, $339,900.
Beacon Homes LLC sold property to William and Carole VanAlstyne. 

41 Somerset Drive, $85,000.
Abele Builders LLC sold property to Abele Homes LLC.

41 Somerset Drive, $364,065.
Abele Homes LLC sold property to Hui Ran. 


16 Collamer Road, $55,000.
Michael and Jennifer Koscielniak sold property to Matthew Brush and Maura O’Leary.

89 Wineberry Lane, $245,000.
Chad and Banita Elkins sold property to James and Jasara Finnegan. 

41 Weston Way, $345,733.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Brian and Maryann Remington. 


48 Milton Avenue, $200,000.
Vinny DiMartino, Domenico Nuzzi and Enzo Bonello sold property to Harrison Taylor. 

104 Deer Run Drive, $180,000.
Eileen Baird sold property to Kira Jones. 

829 Ediface Way, $315,000.
Anthony Defraia sold property to Ross and Kasie Batty. 


1467 West River Road, $185,000.
Diane Fronhofer sold property to Paul and Kathleen Scherer. 

387 Fortsville Road, $165,500.
Stephen and Alyce Maynard sold property to Barry and Pamela Vaillancourt. 

16 Paris Road, $260,000.
Cerrone Construction LLC sold property to Michael Malatino.

122 Hudson Street, $63,750.
HSBC Bank USA sold property to Jodie Williams.

1 Pine Road, $145,500.
Alberta Ives (by Exec) sold property to Tyler Rule. 


4A Haas Road, $80,000.
TISA Development LLC sold property to Kathleen and Kenneth Torreggiani, Sr.

7 Corinne Court, $410,000.
Christopher and Dana Kiefer sold property to Lucinda Barry.

2 Old Saratoga Knolls Road, $346,500.
Kelley Peluso sold property to Tracey Riley and Robert Debusk.

8 Anthony Lane, $624,964.
Saratoga Builders LLC sold property to Danny and Janice Brown. 

168 Haas Road, $326,000.
Jeffrey Cooks sold property to Ann McGrath and Morgan Gmelch. 


58 Fifth Avenue, $935,000.
519 Broadway LLC sold property to Jason and Nicole Buck.

99 East Avenue, $685,000.
Excelsior East LLC sold property to Mario and Dawn Martinez.


6 Cambridge Court, $324,000.
Keith and Andrea Prairie sold property to Travis and Melissa Gowie. 


98 Damascus Drive, $315,000.
Scott and Jill Strock sold property to Suresh Lagalwar.

9 Tawny Terrace, $350,000.
Mark and Jina Demeo sold property to Anthony Decubellis. 

10 Buchanan Drive, $77,500.
North Manor Development LLC sold property to Bonacio Construction. 

10 Buchanan Drive, $77,500.
Bonacio Construction Inc. sold property to Michael and Nancy Roorda.

18 Burnham Road, $420,000.
North Manor Development LLC sold property to Joan and James Visker, Jr. 

3 Laurie Lane, $291,000.
Veronica O’Dell sold property to William and Kathleen Schumacher.

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  • POLICE Joseph B. Flower, age 36, Glenville, was charged June 12 with robbery in the third degree. Flower is accused of being involved in the March 4, 2017 robbery of an Adirondack Trust Bank, located at 162 Northline Road.  William J. Hoffay, age 43, Averill Park, was charged June 12 with burglary in the third-degree; criminal mischief in the second-degree; grand larceny third-degree - all three charges are felonies. It is alleged that Hoffay forced entry into a Smashburger restaurant located at 46 Marion Avenue last April, causing significant damage to the premises and stealing a safe with over $3500…

Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  923 State Route 50, $220,000. Wenjin Lin and Hui Bin Chen sold property to Huisheng Chen, Fang Lin, Yishou Zhang and Hui Ling Chen.  331 Moonlight Dr., $191,200. Betty Benuscak sold property to Thomas Benuscak.  35 Sycamore St., $324,980. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Harvey Shumpert, III and Eunjung Chae Shumpert. 7 Knottingley Place, $379,900. Dawn Vitti sold property to Daniel and Linda Doyle.  4 Roseland Blvd., $290,000. Michael and Colleen Cambage sold property to Jefferson and Sharon Wood.  84 Lancaster Court, $287,659. JKM Builders LLC sold property to Eric and Aracely Connolly.  CHARLTON 2110…
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