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Property Transactions 2.9.18


20 Cypress St. $357,930.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to David and Rizalina Tepas. 

4 Cypress St. $327,438.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Lloyd and Anne Shelton.

16 Middleline Rd., $540,000.
Stephane Renou and Helene Morel sold property to Arthur and Catherine Gran. 

1 Firemans Lane, $27,500.
U.S. Bank National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Kurt Randall.

14 Red Barn Dr., $493,625.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Sean O’Shaughnessy. 

174 Eastside Dr., $110,000.
U.S. Bank National Association (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to Dave Blair.

Lot 13 MacKenna St. $455,740.
John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Allison and Steven Wik. 



30 Jolly Rd., $286,500.
Frank Marra, Jr. and Janet Carnevali sold property to David and Marybeth Waite.



63 Westbury Court, $220,000.
Geoffrey Macintosh sold property to Carol Geddis.

7 Kimberly Court, $183,900.
Danielle Andrrew Properties LLC sold property to Harlene Smalkin. 

66 Carriage Rd., $277,000.
John Waldron sold property to Joshua and Shelbey Blair.

1917 Route 9, $435,000.
JTKT Holdings LLC sold property to HRT Realty LLC.

17 Heritage Pointe Dr. $421,306.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Abu Zainuddin and Shahzia Shazi. 

30 Wallflower Dr. $336,000.
Brian and Regina Maley sold property to Jason Smith. 

322 Vischer Ferry Rd., $142,000.
David and Ronald Pettis sold property to SEBABI LLC. 

13 Meadow Valley Dr., $230,100. Bette Sovik (by Exec) sold property to Keith Lyons.

19 West Sky Lane, $395,000.
Michael and Laural Hanson sold property to Michael Herman and Laura Lehman. 

22 Arnold Dr., $250,000.
Brett and Elizabeth Wheeler sold property to Michael and Helen Thomas. 

25 Brookline Dr., $271,000.
Patrick and Kate Chauvin sold property to Sarah Lounsbery and Justin and Constance Brown. 

70 Rolling Brook Dr., $341,000.
Amber Nebolini sold property to Andrew and Kristin Bischoping. 

11 Friar Tuck Court, $100,000.
Homestead Funding Corp. sold property to Green Flash Holding Group, LLC. 

11 Friar Tuck Court, $257,700.
Green Flash Holding Group LLC sold property to Mary Musso.



323 West Maple St., $180,000.
Amy Bunzey sold property to Caroline Ebert and Daniel Brown, Jr. 

5 Sixth St., $35,000.
Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Vance Plante.

34 Morgans Way, $288,392.
BH Group Morgans Way LLC sold property to Manfred and Lynne Boyle. 



5863 Greens Corner Rd., $207,209.
Wells Fargo Bank (as Trustee by Atty) sold property to Christopher Staulters.



297 Middle Grove Rd., $197,678.
Themisand Mary Papas (Life Tenants, by Atty) and Nicholas Pappas and Athena Gumka (Ind and as Atty) sold property to Matthew and Sarah Weeden.

963 Murray Rd., $45,000.
Helen and Ryan Christopher sold property to Christopher and Angela Wason.



133 Arrow Wood Place, $167,500.
June Schlichting sold property to Eric Delap. 

37 Admirals Way, $434,035.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Christopher and Stacey Cornell. 

3  Meadow Rue Place, $240,775.
Jerald Rappleyea sold property to June and Kristin Schlichting.

8 Saratoga Ave., $143,000.
Nancy Bell sold property to Carol Rule. 

120 Old Post Rd. $325,000.
Winners Circle Farm LLC sold property to Winner Circle Winery LLC. 

11 Sand Spurrey Rd., $297,000.
Richard Carson and Cira Masters sold property to David Bobick and Caroline Estrange Gold. 

224 Thimbleberry Rd., $180,000.
Michael and Cherie Powers sold property to Kristine Weinheimer.

160 Route 9P, $102,500.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Mainely Saratoga LLC. 



3276 Galway Rd., $275,000.
Thomas and Lynda Liuzzo sold property to Christopher and Rivka Wenk.

22 Washington St., $350,000.
Spa Properties Group LLC sold property to Risa Winograd (as Trustee). 

549 Rowland St., $90,000.
New York Development Group Grand LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. 

71 Hoffman Rd., $50,000.
Tra Tom Development Inc. sold property to William Benton and Jody Seitz. 

75 Washington St., $105,000.
Phyllis Cameron sold property to Dane Rubado.



4 Briarhurst Dr., $243,724.
Johnathon and Terri Murray sold property to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

1 Macory Way, $80,000.
Camelot Associates Development LLC, sold property to Camelot Associates Corporation.

1 Macory Way, $502,000.
Camelot Associates Corporation sold property to Kristine and James Burrell.

21 Tamarac Dr., $355,313.
Michaels Group LLC sold property to David and Marcia Linehan.

18 Old Bend Rd., $249,500.
Nancy Helenek, Dianne Russo, Scott Bradley and Steven Helenek sold property to Johnny and Jacqueline Goodwin. 

5 Hamilton St. $40,000.
Robert McGowan sold property to Joan McGowan.

36 Pheasant Way, $319,000.
James and Kristine Burrell sold property to Blake and Stacey Naranjo.



244 Broad St., $200,000.
Timothy and Melanie O’Brien sold property to Erik and Kirsten Johanson. 

277 Burgoyne Rd.. $131,000.
Paul Pugh sold property to Gregory and Elizabeth Johnstone.



125 Circular St., $369,900.
Kenneth Schwartz sold property to Sandra Chase and Brian Morahan.

201 Lake Ave., $389,900.
Scott and Cristtina Starr sold property to Raymond and Lysle Perry.

214 Woodlawn Ave., $1,475,000.
Carriage House LLC sold property to Diana Pulito.

12 Jaipur Lane, $220,000.
Meghan O’Connor sold property to Deborah Chavez. 

40 Preakness Way, $205,000.
Carmen and Rhonda Licari sold property to Gerard Landisi. 

5 Eastman Lane, $175,000.
Michael Santaski sold property to Richard Comfort.

10 Stratton St., $700,000.
Jason and Tricia Reichter sold property to Pamela Abrams and Paul Klingfield.

65 Curt Blvd., $102,128.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Susan Douglas.

4 PD Harris Rd., $475,000.
Scott Schwartz sold property to D and T Property Group LLC.

15 Franklin St., $315,000.
Yama Phillips sold property to Elizabeth Isreael and David Hayden. 

1116 Jackson St., $260,000.
Carl Raucci (by Agent) and Philip Colucci (as Trustee and Agent) sold property to KPTC I LLC.

124 Jefferson St., Unit 5, $290,000.
CDJT Development LLC sold property to Guillermo Zappi. 



46 Walden Circle, $489,648.
Amedore Homes Inc. sold property to Mike and Traci Mahdavi.

16 West St., $147,800.
Chad and Caroline Fichtner sold property to Peter Gyomory.

Graves Rd., $305,000.
Luther Forest Technology Campus Economic Development Corporation sold property to DA Collins Construction Co.



3 Shawnee Court, $309,000.
Brian and Linda Ritter sold property to William Porillo.

4639 Route 50, $200,000.
James Coyne and Traci Wallace sold property to Michael Waters.

13 Stonehedge Dr., $315,000.
Marina Gregory sold property to Jennifer and Wayne Roshong. 

14 Rolling Green Dr., $95,000.
Goodhue Wilton Properties sold property to Vladmir and Bridget Kraev.

10 Ushu Court, $372,820.
DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders Inc. sold property to James Hughes. 

26 Saw Mill Court, $639,271.
Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Christina Stack. 

946 A & B Route 9, $295,000.
Patrick and Susan Baldwin sold property to Elizabeth Baldwin and Kyle LaBrake. 

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Property Transactions

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