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Property Transactions 1.12.18


1341 West High St., $335,000. James and Mary Schmitz sold property to Matthew and Devin Whalen.

5 Thomas Ave., $105,000. Equinox Properties LLC sold property to McConchie Properties LLC.

8 Roseland Blvd., $206,000. Herbert Gott (by Admin) sold property to Andrew and Amy Ferrone.

8 Willem Way, $135,000. Frank Volpe (by Atty) and Denise Volpe (Ind. And as Atty) sold property to Christopher Naughton and Donna Arini.

38 Forest Rd., $215,000. Aven Real Estate Enterprises LLC sold property to Craig Kincaid.

Lot 14 MacKenna Ct., $427,116. John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Richard and Mary Leonard.

59 McLean St., $118,000. Thomas Rigney sold property to Kelly Percival.

11 Jenkins Rd., $179,900. Karen Nash sold property to Ruth Lentine.


4062 Jockey St., $219,000. Margaret Duschen sold property to Cody and Leah Bushey.


83 Fuller Rd., $50,137. Wells Fargo Bank sold property to Sarah Allen.

218 Center St., $172,000. David Kirchhoff sold property to Brittany Rivers.

7 Winslow Rd., $25,000. Driftwood Contracting Inc. sold property to David Gurney.


1480 Hermance Rd., $125,000. Malcom Buchner, Gail Breen, Rebecca Buchner, Lee Peeke and Gladys Buchner sold property to Kevin Kuebler and Marie Tremblay.

1021 Camp Rd., $165,000. Richard Green sold property to David and Sandra Pickens.


521 North Creek Rd., $215,000. Leon Ross sold property to Maggie Ghanime.

30 Hoffman Rd., $33,900. Secretary of the US Department of Housing sold property to Jean Sagendorph.


30 Weston Way, $322,482. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Lisa Efraimson and Maria Kiraly.

1 Maple Forest Dr., $449,900. Alan Brown (by Admin) sold property to Thomas and Maria Shannon.

262 Old Post Rd., $560,000. Daniel and Patricia Fleming sold property to Nelson and Michele Hildreth.

81 Pepperbush Place, $205,000. Kayla Janeski sold property to Pamela Spataro.

19 Timber Trace, $255,000. Linda Duprey sold property to John Janes.

114 Arrowwood Place, $218,500. Joel Berggren sold property to Christina Gray.

84 Ordelia Lane, $323,155. Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Nathan and Erica Byham.

1065 Laural Lane, $236,000. Todd and Lisa Harvey sold property to Nicole Conroy and Steven and Patricia Gundrum.

16 Essex St., $298,657. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Joseph and Pamela Kinney.

90 Blue Spruce Lane, $275,000. Maureen and martin Mansfield III sold property to Sean and Carolyn Cassels.

250 Old Post Rd., $217,500. John Orza sold property to Chris Vandish.

7 Plum Poppy Court, $455,270. Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Patrick Greene and Ellen Sax.

14 Village View Bluff, $281,000. Alberto and Mildred Aviles sold property to Devin Knudsen.

184 Thimbleberry Rd., $174,000. Thomas and Stephanie Dillon sold property to Stone Financing LLC.

19 Northwood Dr., $251,500. Deborah Zelker sold property to Steven and Catherine Rosato.

56 Snowberry Rd., $190,000. Zoe Peek sold property to Christopher McDonough.

103 Dunning St., $135,000. Andrew Jensen (by Exec) sold property to Briscoe Property Ventures LLC.


208 Whitetail Court, $170,000. Gregory Mattes sold property to Kathleen Revell and Aubrey Guri.

121 White Rd., $31,250. Tracy McComb sold property to Ben and Joanne Sharp.

14 Berkshire Dr., $357,000. Kevin and Kimberly Shoemaker sold property to Anthony and Jessica Mucilli.

636 Plummer Rd., $75,000. DGD Holdings sold property to Donald and Barbara LeBarron.

35 Rowland St., $124,000. Patricia Rusilas sold property to McConchie Properties LLC.

1137 Goode Rd., $395,000. John and Sallie Poltynski sold property to Jennifer Brewster.


1174 Route 9P, $974,000. Frank Martinez sold property to Donnie Mezcal LLC.

Homestead Rd., $95,000. Dominic Masi sold property to Stephanie and George Bull, Jr.

125 Homestead Rd., $226,000. Edwin Perry sold property to Jeffrey Demarzo.

County Route 70, $400,000. Timothy and Anne Little sold property to Tab Denovellis.

513 Route 32 S., $280,101. Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Allison Burak.


60 Fifth Ave., $400,000. 519 Broadway LLC sold property to Vincent and Louise Verdile.

11 Oak Ridge Blvd., Lot 40, $170,000. Oak Ridge Development LLC sold property to Seth Parker.

5 Iroquois Dr., $190,000. Mary Annulli and Mary Jerome sold property to Mary and John Sherman and Patrick and Marian Roohan.

20 Central Ave., $490,000. Alexander Ciota and Keli Scott sold property to Stephan and Lindy Godlewski.

19 Cassidy Dr., $420,000. Scott Wodicka and Jeffrey Wodicka (Co-Trustees) sold property to Charles and Martine Chepigin.

30 Vista Dr., $675,000. Charles and Kyla Yourch sold property to Paul Scalia and Devon Bock.

7 Oakland Dr., $395,000. David Carr, Jr. (as Successor Trustee) sold property to Margaret Velez Cooper.

12 Richard Ave., $91,000. Hsuan Lee and Wan Fang sold property to DGD Holdings LLC.

1 Joshua Rd., $85,000. Christopher Kemmerer and Laura Tilton sold property to Laura Tilton.

87 Railroad Place, Condo 307, $725,000. Pentlands LLC sold property to Shawn Lynch.

268 Broadway, Unit 310, $1,270,122. 262 Broadway LLC sold property to Bernard and Linda Kastory (as Trustees).

10 St. Lea Court, $114,500. Gail Anderson and Donald Ely sold property to Gail Anderson.

6 St., Lea Court, $109,500. Gail Anderson and Donald Ely sold property to Gail Anderson.

3 Winding Brook Dr., $340,000. David and Regina Thompson sold property to Jay and Sirint Schilling.

58 Rip Van Lane, $354,900. James and Elizabeth Hallenbeck sold property to Mary Olechowski.

43 Piping Rock Circle, $395,000. Eric Pankomin sold property to Jeanne Silag.


756 Hudson Ave., $215,000. Susan McNeil sold property to Carol and James McClements, Sr.,

4 Whitney Rd., $338,000. Michael Giunta sold property to Adam and Karly Randall.

County Route 76, $36,000. Michael and Priscilla Callahan sold property to Anthony and Jane Conti.

Round Lake Rd., $60,000. DiSiena Associates LPA sold property to Koehler Industrial Degisn LLC.

738 NYS Route 9P, $700,000. Keith Brookins and Eileen Harren sold property to Lakeshore Inn, Inc.


4 Killarney Court, $270,000. Lori Greer sold property to Virginia Hewitt.

10 Meditation Way, $240,000. Patricia Rowe sold property to Jared Horton.

9 Deer Run, $485,000. Stephen and Patricia Porto sold property to Patricia Iazzetti.

34 Cider Mill Way, $429,552. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Andrew and Ashley Campbell.

122 Edie Rd., $215,000. Jeffrey Klein sold property to Christopher and Dana Kiefer.

4 Evergreen Dr., $236,900. Raymond and Joanne Schultz sold property to Kevin Rzeszuto and Heather Polerstock.

17 Sweetbriar Dr., $370,800. Christopher and Erin Byrne sold property to Charles Yourch.

150 Northern Pines Rd., $255,000. Vrooman Realty LLC and Sommerset Real Estate Investment Corporation sold property to Wendy Stadnyk.

3 Craw Lane, $358,075. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Thomas and Lynn Ebert.

87 Parkhurst Rd., $479,034. 740 Route 9 LLC sold property to Meghan and Robert Hinman.

648 Route 9 (portion of), $55,000. 648 Maple Avenue LLC sold property to Adirondack Trust Company.

39 Burnham Rd., $77,500. North Manor Development LLC sold property to Bonacio Construction Inc.

39 Burnham Rd., $534,974. Bonacio Construction Inc. sold property to Richard and Karen Darcangelo. 

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  • COURT Dennis Jones, 64, of the town of Saratoga, pleaded to June 29 felony criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first-degree. The arrest and charges mark “the largest narcotics bust in recent memory,” said Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen.  The charges stemmed from a drug investigation and raid of Jones’ home on Route 32 in Saratoga by the county Sheriff’s Department. Jones was charged with the possession of 1.4 kilos of cocaine and 26 pounds of marijuana. Sentencing scheduled for Aug. 24.  Anne E. Cummins, 39, pleaded June 29 to felony DWI, in Saratoga Springs. Sentencing scheduled…

Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  27 Lawmar Lane, $255,955. John Chakurmanian sold property to Josh and Sheila Horning.  219 Westside Dr., $500,000. Nicole Evers sold property to David MacRae, Jr. and Meera Tandon. 16 Jacob St., $235,000. Daniel and Brittany LaDue sold property to Ryan and Mary Travis.  15 Sherman Way, $334,000. Jan and Jennifer Van de Carr sold property to Nancy Langford and Jason Tuczynski.  455 Devils Lane, $150,000. Lynn Deming (as Trustee and Beneficiary), Sally Jenkins (as Beneficiary) and Kenneth Deming (as Beneficiary) sold property to David and Madaline Jenkins. 401 Devils Lane, $75,000. Donald and Michele Rhodes sold property…
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