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Property Transactions 1.12.18


1341 West High St., $335,000. James and Mary Schmitz sold property to Matthew and Devin Whalen.

5 Thomas Ave., $105,000. Equinox Properties LLC sold property to McConchie Properties LLC.

8 Roseland Blvd., $206,000. Herbert Gott (by Admin) sold property to Andrew and Amy Ferrone.

8 Willem Way, $135,000. Frank Volpe (by Atty) and Denise Volpe (Ind. And as Atty) sold property to Christopher Naughton and Donna Arini.

38 Forest Rd., $215,000. Aven Real Estate Enterprises LLC sold property to Craig Kincaid.

Lot 14 MacKenna Ct., $427,116. John Paul Builders LLC sold property to Richard and Mary Leonard.

59 McLean St., $118,000. Thomas Rigney sold property to Kelly Percival.

11 Jenkins Rd., $179,900. Karen Nash sold property to Ruth Lentine.


4062 Jockey St., $219,000. Margaret Duschen sold property to Cody and Leah Bushey.


83 Fuller Rd., $50,137. Wells Fargo Bank sold property to Sarah Allen.

218 Center St., $172,000. David Kirchhoff sold property to Brittany Rivers.

7 Winslow Rd., $25,000. Driftwood Contracting Inc. sold property to David Gurney.


1480 Hermance Rd., $125,000. Malcom Buchner, Gail Breen, Rebecca Buchner, Lee Peeke and Gladys Buchner sold property to Kevin Kuebler and Marie Tremblay.

1021 Camp Rd., $165,000. Richard Green sold property to David and Sandra Pickens.


521 North Creek Rd., $215,000. Leon Ross sold property to Maggie Ghanime.

30 Hoffman Rd., $33,900. Secretary of the US Department of Housing sold property to Jean Sagendorph.


30 Weston Way, $322,482. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Lisa Efraimson and Maria Kiraly.

1 Maple Forest Dr., $449,900. Alan Brown (by Admin) sold property to Thomas and Maria Shannon.

262 Old Post Rd., $560,000. Daniel and Patricia Fleming sold property to Nelson and Michele Hildreth.

81 Pepperbush Place, $205,000. Kayla Janeski sold property to Pamela Spataro.

19 Timber Trace, $255,000. Linda Duprey sold property to John Janes.

114 Arrowwood Place, $218,500. Joel Berggren sold property to Christina Gray.

84 Ordelia Lane, $323,155. Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Nathan and Erica Byham.

1065 Laural Lane, $236,000. Todd and Lisa Harvey sold property to Nicole Conroy and Steven and Patricia Gundrum.

16 Essex St., $298,657. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Joseph and Pamela Kinney.

90 Blue Spruce Lane, $275,000. Maureen and martin Mansfield III sold property to Sean and Carolyn Cassels.

250 Old Post Rd., $217,500. John Orza sold property to Chris Vandish.

7 Plum Poppy Court, $455,270. Marini Land II Inc. sold property to Patrick Greene and Ellen Sax.

14 Village View Bluff, $281,000. Alberto and Mildred Aviles sold property to Devin Knudsen.

184 Thimbleberry Rd., $174,000. Thomas and Stephanie Dillon sold property to Stone Financing LLC.

19 Northwood Dr., $251,500. Deborah Zelker sold property to Steven and Catherine Rosato.

56 Snowberry Rd., $190,000. Zoe Peek sold property to Christopher McDonough.

103 Dunning St., $135,000. Andrew Jensen (by Exec) sold property to Briscoe Property Ventures LLC.


208 Whitetail Court, $170,000. Gregory Mattes sold property to Kathleen Revell and Aubrey Guri.

121 White Rd., $31,250. Tracy McComb sold property to Ben and Joanne Sharp.

14 Berkshire Dr., $357,000. Kevin and Kimberly Shoemaker sold property to Anthony and Jessica Mucilli.

636 Plummer Rd., $75,000. DGD Holdings sold property to Donald and Barbara LeBarron.

35 Rowland St., $124,000. Patricia Rusilas sold property to McConchie Properties LLC.

1137 Goode Rd., $395,000. John and Sallie Poltynski sold property to Jennifer Brewster.


1174 Route 9P, $974,000. Frank Martinez sold property to Donnie Mezcal LLC.

Homestead Rd., $95,000. Dominic Masi sold property to Stephanie and George Bull, Jr.

125 Homestead Rd., $226,000. Edwin Perry sold property to Jeffrey Demarzo.

County Route 70, $400,000. Timothy and Anne Little sold property to Tab Denovellis.

513 Route 32 S., $280,101. Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Allison Burak.


60 Fifth Ave., $400,000. 519 Broadway LLC sold property to Vincent and Louise Verdile.

11 Oak Ridge Blvd., Lot 40, $170,000. Oak Ridge Development LLC sold property to Seth Parker.

5 Iroquois Dr., $190,000. Mary Annulli and Mary Jerome sold property to Mary and John Sherman and Patrick and Marian Roohan.

20 Central Ave., $490,000. Alexander Ciota and Keli Scott sold property to Stephan and Lindy Godlewski.

19 Cassidy Dr., $420,000. Scott Wodicka and Jeffrey Wodicka (Co-Trustees) sold property to Charles and Martine Chepigin.

30 Vista Dr., $675,000. Charles and Kyla Yourch sold property to Paul Scalia and Devon Bock.

7 Oakland Dr., $395,000. David Carr, Jr. (as Successor Trustee) sold property to Margaret Velez Cooper.

12 Richard Ave., $91,000. Hsuan Lee and Wan Fang sold property to DGD Holdings LLC.

1 Joshua Rd., $85,000. Christopher Kemmerer and Laura Tilton sold property to Laura Tilton.

87 Railroad Place, Condo 307, $725,000. Pentlands LLC sold property to Shawn Lynch.

268 Broadway, Unit 310, $1,270,122. 262 Broadway LLC sold property to Bernard and Linda Kastory (as Trustees).

10 St. Lea Court, $114,500. Gail Anderson and Donald Ely sold property to Gail Anderson.

6 St., Lea Court, $109,500. Gail Anderson and Donald Ely sold property to Gail Anderson.

3 Winding Brook Dr., $340,000. David and Regina Thompson sold property to Jay and Sirint Schilling.

58 Rip Van Lane, $354,900. James and Elizabeth Hallenbeck sold property to Mary Olechowski.

43 Piping Rock Circle, $395,000. Eric Pankomin sold property to Jeanne Silag.


756 Hudson Ave., $215,000. Susan McNeil sold property to Carol and James McClements, Sr.,

4 Whitney Rd., $338,000. Michael Giunta sold property to Adam and Karly Randall.

County Route 76, $36,000. Michael and Priscilla Callahan sold property to Anthony and Jane Conti.

Round Lake Rd., $60,000. DiSiena Associates LPA sold property to Koehler Industrial Degisn LLC.

738 NYS Route 9P, $700,000. Keith Brookins and Eileen Harren sold property to Lakeshore Inn, Inc.


4 Killarney Court, $270,000. Lori Greer sold property to Virginia Hewitt.

10 Meditation Way, $240,000. Patricia Rowe sold property to Jared Horton.

9 Deer Run, $485,000. Stephen and Patricia Porto sold property to Patricia Iazzetti.

34 Cider Mill Way, $429,552. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Andrew and Ashley Campbell.

122 Edie Rd., $215,000. Jeffrey Klein sold property to Christopher and Dana Kiefer.

4 Evergreen Dr., $236,900. Raymond and Joanne Schultz sold property to Kevin Rzeszuto and Heather Polerstock.

17 Sweetbriar Dr., $370,800. Christopher and Erin Byrne sold property to Charles Yourch.

150 Northern Pines Rd., $255,000. Vrooman Realty LLC and Sommerset Real Estate Investment Corporation sold property to Wendy Stadnyk.

3 Craw Lane, $358,075. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Thomas and Lynn Ebert.

87 Parkhurst Rd., $479,034. 740 Route 9 LLC sold property to Meghan and Robert Hinman.

648 Route 9 (portion of), $55,000. 648 Maple Avenue LLC sold property to Adirondack Trust Company.

39 Burnham Rd., $77,500. North Manor Development LLC sold property to Bonacio Construction Inc.

39 Burnham Rd., $534,974. Bonacio Construction Inc. sold property to Richard and Karen Darcangelo. 

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Property Transactions

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