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Marissa Gonzalez

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Sparkling Co. and Galway Rock, two local wine brands with the same owners, spouses Kate and Ryan Taylor, will be opening a tasting room in Ballston Lake this fall. Along with this opening, will be the reveal of a third wine line called Robinia Hill that was made with business partners in Skaneateles with grapes from there.

“We've kind of grown too big for our britches. So we're expanding on a place that can accommodate the winery and a tasting room, a larger vineyard and all that goes with it,” Kate Taylor said. Their first bottled wine was filled in 2014, four years ago.

According to Taylor, the two are closing on the property in the next few days, at the time of our interview. Taylor explains that the expansion is all part of a plan, a year in the making. The two received a microenterprise grant from the town of Ballston, while the land purchased for the vineyard will be put into the American Farmland Trust that ensures the land will always remain farmland.

“It’s going to get a face-lift (the buildings) and then hoping to open sometime this fall. We're going to do a soft opening in the middle of October and then we'll be open for real sometime in November,” Taylor said.

“It's actually two buildings, we're kind of going to be open and letting people experience what’s going on with the construction and harvest, so we'll have the tasting room partially open and once its completed we'll do a big grand opening,” she added.

Galway Rock was the first of the soon-to-be three wine labels, first bottled in 2014. It has a total of four wines, two reds and two whites while Saratoga Sparkling Co., which was added to the mix about year later, has a sparkling white and a sparkling rosé. Robinia Hill will be targeted for restaurants but will also be available for sale at the tasting room.

The tasting room, which will be located at 998 Saratoga Rd., will also have 68 acres of land for a vineyard. Taylor says they will start off with five acres of grapes, which in turn, will produce between 30 to 40 tons of grapes. Most of these grapes will be used for the Saratoga Sparkling Co. brand. A courtyard will look over the vineyard and provide outdoor seating for tastings and small plates.

“We started the whole thing at my parents house, a small winery, a small vineyard kind of like a test to see which grapes grow in the area in Galway, so if it grows here it should grow in Ballston Lake, its a little bit warmer there,” Taylor said.

Once the tasting room is open, guests will be able to witness the wine-making process as well as outdoor seating in a courtyard that looks over the vineyard.

WILTON — The Town of Wilton has been celebrating their Bicentennial throughout 2018. As the last quarter of the year draws near, the Bicentennial Committee has announced a final list of events that will take place in September and December of this year.

“It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the last months of Wilton’s Bicentennial Year. Our committee has been meeting for two and a half years planning this year’s Bicentennial Celebration. September will include a cluster of three events followed by an end of year dinner celebration in December,” Sue Lant, Bicentennial Committee Chairperson, said.

“We’ve enjoyed watching our community join in this year of celebration and remembrance of our rich history,” Lant added.

The list of remaining bicentennial events includes the Wilton Historic Sites Home Tour taking place on Sept. 16 beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. The Historic Site Homes Tour will offer information on 16 historic Wilton homes and sites, many of which are open tothepublic.Alsotakingplace in September is the bicentennial ribbon cutting and time capsule burial on Sept. 20 beginning at 3 p.m. and ending at 4 p.m.

On Sept. 23 Taste of Wilton will take place at Gavin Park. Taste of Wilton is a farm to chef event that will begin at 1 p.m. and end at 4 p.m.

“This event is near to my heart. It’s about showcasing fresh produce and restaurants but mostly about embracing our local farms and in turn helping to feed our food challenged neighbors. It’s a complete circle of supporting each other,” Susan Garret said. Garret is the Taste of Wilton Chairperson.

The event will feature a pairing of area restaurants and farms that will offer tastings ranging from$1 to $6 with proceeds benefitting those in need through the Wilton Food Pantry. A selection of wineries and distilleries will also be present.

The Wilton Bicentennial Holiday Community Dinner will take place at the Wilton- Saratoga Elks Club at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29. Area residents are also invited to take part in the Bicentennial Challenge and Kids’ Quest Activity contests by going to Prizes include Wilton Bicentennial 2018 collectable patches which will be awarded upon completion of the contest activities.

“This Bicentennial Year has been filled with many opportunities forourresidentstounitewithpride as we looked back upon the past 200 years that have brought us to where we are today. We are grateful to all of our many sponsors whose contributions have made this year possible,” Town Supervisor Art Johnson commented.

Major sponsors of the Wilton Bicentennial include Adirondack Trust Company, Scotty’s Exit 16/ The Parillo and Nigro Family, D.A. Collins Construction Co. Inc., Richbell Capital, Saratoga National Bank, MJ Engineering, Kodiak Construction, Bonded Concrete, Inc., Stone Bridge Iron and Steel Inc., McGregor Links Country Club, Bow Tie Cinemas, the Wilton Mall and Fine Affairs. Commemorative merchandise including hats, mugs, patches, frisbees, and pins are available for purchase at Wilton Town Hall.

For more information on the Town of Wilton’s Bicentennial Celebration call 518-587- 1939, ext. 239 or visit www.

Photo by Larry Goodwin. 

BALLSTON — “Tonight the mayor announced at our special meeting of the Village Board of Trustees that, yesterday, the Village Treasurer resigned effective immediately,” read a Facebook status posted by Village of Ballston Spa Trustee Noah Shaw, on Sept. 6. It was later confirmed in a village board meeting on Sept. 10 by Mayor John Romano.

The Ballston Spa Treasurer was Christopher Hickey, who was also the Budget Officer. He has resigned from both positions. The village’s deputy treasurer, internal control officer, personnel officer, and compliance officer, Darryl Purinton resigned the next day from all of those titles except internal controls officer. It was noted in the board meeting that Purinton's salary for internal controls officer is $68,000. 

The status posted by Shaw also says things like “next steps will be essential to resetting the Village’s financial systems and controls, and to bring us back into good order,” and “we will be working to fix the array of issues that have been allowed to fester for far too long in the Village government’s systems, controls and financial accounting.”

According to Shaw, “two prior audits from the office of the state Comptroller have identified issues with respect to the village's financial systems and controls.”

“Since I was elected last year, I have also identified at public meetings and otherwise various items and practices that I believe are deficient,” he added. However, Shaw says that he did not have direct discussion with Hickey concerning reasons why he resigned.

Ballston Spa resident Liz Kormos who says she attends town and village meetings religiously said, “there was never in previous years, when there was budgeting, there was never any real discussion in public about the numbers."

“You know other places I go that periodically talk about the performance, what the issues are, — this village they go through a list of expenditures and approve them. That is the gist before these new trustees got elected, that’s all they did,” Kormos said referring to new trustees, Noah Shaw and Shawn Raymond.

According to Kormos the lack of budgeting information provided to the public has been an issue for some time now. “Now it’s coming to light and we have the opportunity to fix it and make it better,” she added.

In the board meeting that took place on Sept. 10, hiring an interim accounting firm until a new full-time treasurer is found was discussed.

“We have solicited bids from regional accounting firms with municipal expertise to help fulfill the functions of the treasurer while we search for a full-time treasurer. I also hope that firm will make certain recommendations regarding how we can improve our system and controls,” Shaw said.

“I think the mayor and I are aligned with respect to commencing the hiring process for the treasurer ASAP. Where we diverged at the meeting last night (Sept. 10) was with respect to the time frame for convening an informal citizens' advisory group. I would like to get that convened soon; the mayor preferred to delay on the resolution I introduced, however, the board voted to move forward at the next meeting,” Shaw said.

The next meeting will take place on Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. at Village Hall located at 66 Front St.

"We're invested in this community. We want to stay here and we want to make good use of the tax dollars... We've got to get this place on sound financial footing to be able to handle those things,” Kormos added.

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Saratoga Auto Auction

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Saratoga Automobile Museum will host the Saratoga Auto Auction that will take place on Sept. 21 and Sept. 22 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The auction, which is only in its second year, hopes to have 300 vehicles to consign and auction. In 2017, its inaugural auction had more than 200 vehicles.

The auction is managed by veteran auction director Jeff Whiteside and aims to be premiere collector automobile auction for the Northeast United States. Proceeds from this year’s auction supports the museum’s distracted driving safety program, an initiative that reaches more than 10,000 high school students across the Capital Region each year.

This year’s featured vehicles includes a 1970 Oldsmobile, a 1922 Ford Model T, a 1950 Desoto Custom and a 1964 Catalina Safari. However vehicles aren’t the only thing auctioned, included in last year’s results are a 1999 Yamaha jet boat that sold for $4,950 and a 2005 Harley-Davidson Pitbull that sold for $14,300.

A special customized 1991 Humvee will be auctioned off as well. The Humvee was developed by the military as a replacement for Jeeps previously used in Vietnam. This vehicle was regarded as one of the toughest and most reliable utility vehicles ofitstimeandaidedintheIraq and Afghanistan wars. Since then, it has been refurbished by nationally recognized restoration specialist Steve Hale of History Channel’s American Restoration.

This year the Saratoga Automobile Museum has announced the addition and consignment of all 44 vehicles at no reserve from the collection of Dennis Dammerman, the late Vice Chairman of General Electric. The collection, comprised largely of a variety of mid- century domestic convertibles, coupes, and sports cars, is the largest single consignment in the auction’s history. All vehicles will be offered at no reserve.

Dammerman joined GE in 1967, he was part of GE’s financial management program and held various financial assignments in several GE businesses. Later he was appointed to lead GE Capital’s real estate financial services division in 1981, a job he held until Welch named him Senior Vice President-Finance and CFO. Dammerman passed away at the age of 67 in 2013. Dammerman was a trustee, supporter, and advocate for the museum. In 2009, he displayed 16 of his vehicles in an exhibit entitled, “Mid Century Marvels.”

“The Saratoga Automobile Museum is thrilled and privileged to have the opportunity to feature the Dammerman Collection at this year’s Saratoga Auto Auction,” said Gary Brown, treasurer of the board of trustees for the Saratoga Automobile Museum. “I, along with the board of trustees and the staff at the Museum, could not thank Marsha Finn Dammerman enough for consigning this incredible collection of motor vehicles for the auction. Mrs. Dammerman’s generosity and support of the auction will help fulfill the Museum’s mission for years to come.”

Tickets for the Saratoga Auto Auction are $15 and available for purchase online. To find out more, bid or consign a vehicle contact Jeff Whiteside at 518-587-1935, ext. 22.

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GlobalFoundries Plans to Lay Off 455 Employees

CAPITAL REGION — On Aug. 27 GlobalFoundries, located in Malta, announced plans to “reshape it’s technology portfolio, and intensify focus on a growing demand for differentiated offerings” according to a press release.

On Aug. 28 GlobalFoundries notified the state’s Department of Labor that it will lay off 424 employees and that the expected date of the first separation of employees is Nov. 28 of this year. Typically a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) must be filed with the state and requires businesses to give early warning of closing and layoffs. According to the WARN GlobalFoundries filed, the reason for dislocation is noted as “shifting their technology development focus from advanced research to differentiated technologies.”

An additional 31 employees will be laid off at SUNY Polytechnic Institute research center in Albany, making total lay offs 455.

“Demand for semiconductors has never been higher, and clients are asking us to play an ever-increasing role in enabling tomorrow’s technology innovations,” Tom Caulfield said in a prepared statement. Caulfield is the CEO of GlobalFoundries and was appointed in March of this year.

“The vast majority of today’s fabless customers are looking to get more value out of each technology generation to leverage the substantial investments required to design into each technology node. Essentially, these nodes are transitioning to design platforms serving multiple waves of applications, giving each node greater longevity. This industry dynamic has resulted in fewer fabless clients designing into the outer limits of Moore’s Law. We are shifting our resources and focus by doubling down on our investments in differentiated technologies across our entire portfolio that are most relevant to our clients in growing market segments,” he added.

According to the press release “Lifting the burden of investing at the leading edge will allow GF to make more targeted investments in technologies that really matter to the majority of chip designers in fast-growing markets such as RF, IoT, 5G, industrial and automotive,” said Samuel Wang in a prepared statement. Wang is the research vice president at Gartner, a research company located in Stamford, CT.

“While the leading edge gets most of the headlines, fewer customers can afford the transition to 7nm and finer geometries. 14nm and above technologies will continue to be the important demand driver for the foundry business for many years to come. There is significant room for innovation on these nodes to fuel the next wave of technology.”

Steve Grasso, Senior Counsel at GlobalFoundries said, “we aren’t providing any further details on the regional impact. However, a significant number of our top technologists will be redeployed on our differentiated offerings, which include the 14/12nm derivatives that are made here in Malta.”

Gary Patton, Chief Technology Officer at GlobalFoundries is slated to deliver the opening keynote address at the inaugural GSA Silicon Summit – East, that will be held on Oct. 9 in Saratoga Springs. The event will promote collaboration and regional growth opportunities to advance semiconductor technology and business. Patton is responsible for GlobalFoundries’ semiconductor technology roadmap, operations and execution. His address will discuss “Market Drivers for Moore and Beyond Moore Semiconductor Technologies.”

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Forno Bistro located at 541 Broadway is petitioning to have Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band to attend a Z Alexander Backyard Barbeque Tailgate Party at the restaurant on Sept. 29, the day of the Zac Brown Band concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC).

In trying to gain Zac Brown Band’s attention, Bill Gathen, Director of Marketing and Michael Ruggiero, Marketing Manager of DZ Restaurants made a music video sampling lyrics from popular Zac Brown Band songs to entice the band.

DZ Restaurants is the restaurant group that encompasses Chianti il Ristorante, Boca Bistro and Forno Bistro. The Backyard Barbeque Tailgate Party is a wine and food pairing that will feature Zac Brown’s line of wines called, Z. Alexander Brown. The “Uncaged” line of wines will be paired with a barbeque fair featuring a mac and cheese bar, pulled pork sandwiches, fried chicken, cornbread and more.

“When we saw Zac Brown Band was coming, we said lets see if we can get Zac to come... So we did a video, wrote a song using lyrics and song titles from all of his songs, we went out to a farm that our Vice President owns and we just shot the video. The guy in the video is Matt Richardson who is our chef over at Forno,” Gathen said.

“We’re just hoping maybe they’ll bring the tour bus through or a pick-up or something and they just kind of stick their heads in, who knows... It would be the greatest thing ever,” he added.

However this isn’t the first time DZ Restaurants petitioned for a SPAC performer to visit the restaurant. In 2017 DZ Restaurants invited Dave Matthews to a wine and food pairing with Matthew’s wine called Dreaming Tree at Boca Bistro. In an effort to promote that dinner, a music video was made as well that garnered over 25,000 views on Facebook. It did end up reaching Dave Matthew’s himself; however, he did not attend the event but did give backstage passes to Gathen and the others that contributed to the making of the video.

“I’ve got a marketing manager that works with me and we’ve done hundreds of videos together. Mike  (Ruggiero) is a great videographer; he also has a background in music. I have a background in music and writing. So typically what happens is I’ll write the song, Mike will lay down the music, we’ll bring in the talent which is one of our chefs, someone who is very eccentric, and then we’ll shoot the video and it all comes together... Everyone’s got a contribution, when Mike and I started working together it was like ‘Wow I do this and you do that?’ It’s kind of like chocolate and peanut butter, it’s perfect,” Gathen said.

“So we’re hoping to catch lightening in a bottle again... It would be the greatest thing ever to not only feature his wines but also be able to give that experience to the people... We want our guests to walk away from this like ‘Wow, that was amazing’ even if he doesn’t show up,” Gathen added.

Gathen and Ruggiero make other content for DZ Restaurants too. Recurring shows on Youtube like “The Pair” showcases a menu item paired with a wine or beer.

Tickets for the Z Alexander Backyard Barbeque Tailgate Party are $45 per person and can be purchased by calling Forno Bistro or visiting The ticket includes both the food and wine pairing. The event takes place at Forno Bistro beginning at 1 p.m. and ending at 3 p.m.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Aug. 30 two Canadians, both members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Honorary Colonel Kevin McCormick and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Motyl, visited the Military Museum and Veterans Research Center located at 61 Lake Ave. to honor and preserve the service and sacrifice of members of the United States Armed Forces by locating historic US military pieces and repatriate them with family members, military museums, educational platforms and/or communities. The pair also traveled to Utica and Rochester to do the same later on in the day.

“There seems to have been a gap on Ebay or other online sites. You find a lot of memorabilia but it tends to just be purchased up by collector then put back into drawers. Our goal is to make sure these things were coming from out of the shadows and research was being done to make sure we could track down the proper owners and bring it to the forefront so we could make sure that these things were honored and preserved. It was a challenge but we saw a gap and we’re just trying to fill that. We see it as a honorable way to bring these things back to light,” Motyl said.

The project is called the Service and Sacrifice Initiative. Both Motyl and McCormick have already completed it for Canada and when looking to expand, the first place they thought of was the United States.

“Canada and America have been close friends and allies for a long time. The close bond that

we have currently, as well as in our past, in Korea and Vietnam there were actually Canadians there as well and in both World Wars Canada and America were staunch allies and fought together in many battles,” Motyl said.

The goal is to encompass all 50 states in the initiative as well as all the military branches, service members, both male and female, and cover all major conflicts and wars. At the Saratoga stop, Motyl and McCormick were trying to track family members that may be related to a letter from the Civil War era. Although they could not find direct lineage, they did find a museum to accommodate the letter, New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center in Saratoga Springs. Postcards that dawn World War I art history that is also associated with some of the armories in the area were brought to museums as well.

Motyl’s most interesting piece of memorabilia that he has come across since starting the U.S. arm of the project is love letters from World War II, a correspondence between a private and his wife.

“We managed to find the individual in Pratt, South Dakota. He’s 101 years old and living in a senior’s home and we arranged to have those letters returned to him and we’re going to make sure there’s a request that those letters be given to the Pratt’s Military Museum,” Motyl said.

Motyl and McCormick have a larger goal. The two encourage everyone, if they’re interested in this sort of work, to find these pieces, do the research, and find a place of honor to put them into whether it is the owner, their affiliation or a museum.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Sept. 9 National Grandparent’s Day will be celebrated by the Wesley Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Wesley Community, at the Saratoga City Center. The event will honor grandparents and great- grandparents by providing an opportunity for family members of all ages to spend time together on National Grandparents Day. It’s the second annual Saratoga Grandparents Day celebration hosted by the foundation.

“Most of the people who live here are great-grandparents so we’re creating a day of inter- generational fun for all of the different individuals that we serve hereatWesley,” Katelynn Donovan said, marketing and advancement associate at the Wesley Community.

Attendees can enjoy carnival- style games, a silent auction, face painting, balloon art, a magician, a raffle, a book reading of Lucky’s Adventure in Saratoga by author Elizabeth Macy and her dog Lucky, amongst other activities. The first 250 grandparents to enter will receive a special giveaway.

“You probably know what you do on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day but we thought, what do you do on Grandparents Day,” Donovan said.

“Our grandparents here didn’t know it was a national holiday so we ran with that idea to really create a celebration and make it so that our residents have something to do with their families and then the whole community because we service the demographic and grandparents are of all ages,” she added.

The celebration is free and open to the public. Fees will apply for select activities and items for sale with proceeds to support the renovation of the Resident Activities Room at The Wesley Health Care Center. The residence caters to older adults who may have significant, chronic medical needs requiring daily assistance. The resident activities room serves as a social hub for these residents, providing a venue for performances, religious services and other social gatherings. Major event sponsors are Marshall and Sterling Insurance, Ellms Family Farm and Angerame Architects. According to Donovan, the event has gained traction in the Saratoga community; this year the Wesley Foundation is reaching out to different organizations that provide services to grandparents. “There’s a lot of excitement, it’s slowly building to what we really want the day to turninto,” Donovan said.

The National Grandparent’s Day celebration will begin at 1 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. at the Saratoga Springs City Center located at 522 Broadway. The event is free and open to the public, Wesley residents are also welcomed to attend, and encourage family to bring residents that would need to be checked out of the center to attend. The Wesley Foundation will also provide transportation for the independent residents.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Adding to the popular juicing trend, yet another juice bar is slated to open summer/fall of this year. Urban Roots, a juice, smoothie and avocado bar located at 46 Marion Ave. Marion Avenue Shopping Plaza will feature craft, cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO, raw and plant based menu items. Formerly Compliments to the Chef, Urban Roots is approximately 2,200 Square-feet and is leasing the space according the listing agent, Joan Purtell, of Coldwell Banker. The juice bar, which is still in construction, is owned by Brandon Acres and Allen Caruso.

On June 26 of 2018 a building permit was issued to Prime Beechwood, LLC. Prime Beechwood is part of Prime Companies, which deals with residential and commercial real estate development, brokerage, and property management in the capital region. Prime Companies also manage The Hamlet in Saratoga Springs and has worked with other clients in the area including Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta and The Fresh Market, also in Marion Avenue Shopping Plaza.

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Farm to Table on Lake Ave.

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Gorsky’s Farm Market located at 84 Turner Rd. in Stillwater is expanding with a new location in Saratoga Springs at 588 Lake Ave. The farm currently raises cows, calves, heifers, steers, pigs, laying hens, broilers and sheep. All the meat and eggs sold at the market are raised on the farm. Their mission is to make local food, simple. The flagship location also offers prepared food and caters. The new location will offer the same as the flagship market but will also have a café to add soups, salads, sandwiches and fan favorite entrees like BBQ macaroni and cheese, according to Katie Gorsky co-proprietor of Gorsky’s Farm Market.

“The second location will be up and running hopefully within a few weeks,” Gorsky added. The space is 1,400 square-feet.

According to Gorsky’s husband Wayne, who grew up across the street from where Gorsky’s Farm is currently located, the property has been in the Turner Family since the early 1800s. Ralph and Ida Turner were childless and before they passed Wayne’s father purchased the farm to make sure it stayed a farm. In 2010 Katie and Wayne moved in and began renovations in 2013.

“While we were renovating, my friend said ‘build a coop, I’m bringing you chickens.’ She brought seven and a few weeks later we ordered 40 more chicks. We were hooked. We began selling eggs to our neighbors and quickly folks were asking to buy chicken, pork and beef,” Gorsky said.

“We kept adding more and more freezers in our circa 1880 garage and in 2017 we opened our actual farm market and commercial kitchen,” she added.

Gorsky credits the market’s success on their tendency to listen to customers and says that they have expanded products upon customers’ requests; and adds that there are a few items that they are not allowed to stop making, “ever.” “People get cranky,” she joked.

The Lake Ave. location will also offer a giant sandbox curated by Gorsky’s seven-year-old son George and more parking space. Also available are seasonally fresh produce, week bundles for pick-up, which are pre-prepared fresh ingredients for meals throughout the week, online ordering and car-side delivery.

“From the onset our passion has been to make local food, simple. This is a natural step to help democratize real food. When you are passionate about something important, you want to share it with as many people as possible,” Gorsky said.

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  • COURT Sam Donadio, 66, of Broadalbin, pleaded Sept. 10 to grand larceny in the second-degree. Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen said Donadio, as president of Power Pallet Recycling, withheld more than $152,000 from the Stewart’s Shops Corporation over a three-year period by under-reporting by 20 percent to the company the weight of cardboard which he recycled on their behalf.  Sentencing Nov. 5.  Elizabeth M. Barthelmas, of Wilton, was sentenced Sept. 5 to 15 years in state prison and 20 years of post-release supervision, after pleading to rape in the first-degree in connection with a sexual relationship Barthelmas, 49, had…

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  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  155 West High St., $340,000. David and Sara Torrey sold property to Timothy Wientzen and Kendra Sena. 1 Fridholm Dr., $272,000. Christian Fridholm (as Trustee) sold property to Christopher Burton and Hailey Burkhart. 16 Edgewood Dr., $389,900. Michael and Nancy Ciani sold property to Kelly and Daniel Seymour.  10 St. Patrick Place, $365,000. Eduard and Otward Mueller sold property to Anthony and Frances Sinopoli.  32 Beacon St., $269,900. Stephen Picarazzi sold property to Artavius Fisher and Yasmin Lopez.  7 Red Barn Dr., $459,051. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Tek Po Lee and Mei Yee…
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