Marissa Gonzalez

Marissa Gonzalez

Friday, 20 July 2018 14:07

Mazel Tov: Saratoga’s Broadway Deli

Photo by Marissa Gonzalez

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga’s first Jewish deli is open for business as of July 15. Luckily seasoned chef and owner Daniel Chessare says, he didn’t feel like working nights anymore.

"I figured it’s something we really needed,” Chessare said of Saratoga’s Broadway Deli.

“It was lacking. I saw that Saratoga really needed a diner or a deli, so I didn’t feel like working nights anymore so I went with the deli,” he added.

The new business, located at 420 Broadway suite 2, celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Saratoga County Chamber, “It went really well,” Chessare said. The idea for the Jewish deli came to Chessare, who leases the 1,787 square-foot space, in April.

“I quit my last job in September and took some time off and then during that time off, the last thing I wanted to do was go back and work for anybody else,” Chessare said.

“That’s when it really started percolating... It was around April and then we really got the ball rolling in May and June,” he added.

However this is not Chessare’s first job working behind the counter. Chessare was head chef at the Merry Monk in Albany, he’s worked at Scallion’s on Lake Avenue, he was the sous chef at The Wine bar on Broadway and was manager at Bread Basket Bakery on Spring Street for two years.

Chessare hopes to satisfy the cravings that only a classic delicatessen can. “I grew up with Passover and all that,” Chessare said. His stepmother’s side of the family is Jewish. His family moved from New Jersey to the Saratoga area in 1996.

“The potato pancakes, the knish and the Matzo ball soup, they sell out really quickly, you gotta come in pretty early to get them,” Chessare said.

The potato pancakes, or Latkes, are a traditional Jewish dish that dates back to the mid- 1800s. At Saratoga’s Broadway Deli, Latkes are also served with sour cream, red onion, capers, chives with the option to add smoked Salmon. The menu also features hot Pastrami and hot tongue sandwiches, and cold smoked salmon and chopped liver sandwiches with options to create your own sandwich with other meats.

Photos provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Intrada Saratoga Springs is a multi-unit affordable housing facility planned to begin construction at the end of July. The planned housing facility will be located on Washington Street by the Saratoga Springs train station. The 19-acre property was purchased on June 13 for $3.7 Million by the Vecino Group from Saratoga Route 29 Plaza Ltd.

The Vecino Group has partnered with Bonacio Construction Inc. for the project. The Intrada Saratoga Springs will be comprised of four buildings; three four-story buildings and one three-story building, totaling 158 residential units. The units will be a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments. The total construction time is expected to take 18 months.

“What we’re aiming for is the first building would come online in 15 months or so, with one building coming online every month after,” said Rick Manzardo, President of the Vecino Group.

The Vecino Group is a development firm based in Springfield, MO. The company also builds student housing and has developed or plans to develop housing in Elmira, Troy and Cohoes. Seven of the 19 acres will be dedicated to the housing while around 12 acres will go back to the city through a conservation easement.

“There may be a park or something like a small play area... But there may be something outside still, we are kind of working with the city on what will work best there,” Vecino said.

The first 10 apartments available will be dedicated to children transitioning out of foster care.

“It’s a project we’ve done in a couple of locations. We’re asking these kids to do under the worst of circumstances what most 18-year- olds can’t do under the best of circumstances.You’ve got 18-year- olds aging outwith no security; it’s a road to a horrible life. So this is a way working with CAPTAIN, a great organization to really give  the kids a chance,” Manzardo said. CAPTAIN is a grass-roots human services agency that provides support to people of all ages in Saratoga County to reach their goals of personal growth and self-sufficiency.

Also within the facilities will be a fitness center, community room, an onsite lease office, a superintendent that will reside onsite, as well as an office for CAPTAIN to provide services for tenants.

“It’s pretty terrible to see just as many driving in as they do for work, there just needs to be more affordable residences within the city,” Manzardo said.

“Its definitely not going to solve the problem but it's a good start,” he added.

Thursday, 19 July 2018 16:15

New Barns at Fasig-Tipton

Photos by Marissa Gonzalez.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The addition of two new barns at Fasig-Tipton nears completion just in time for this year’s upcoming annual horse sales.

Fasig-Tipton hired Kodiak Construction to build two barns housing 19 horse stalls in a new 2,580 square-foot facility on 0.45 acres of vacant Fasig-Tipton land. The new barns were designed to mimic the styling of the existing barns, maintaining the historic character of the equine property.

“Decorative perimeter fence with Fasig-Tipton's characteristic copper-capped corner posts enclose the property from George Street and Case Street with two 12-foot-wide gates that make for easy movement of horses; stone dust walking circles for the horses are centered with grass inner-rings and shade trees to allow guests to view horses during events; new curbs and sidewalks have been installed on George and Case Street as part of the City's 'Complete Streets' program, further promoting Saratoga Springs' plan to provide safe pedestrian access within the City and Sternberg street lighting along the street fronts illuminate the sidewalks after dusk,” says Jesse Boucher of Kodiak Construction about what apassersbycanexpecttosee.

In addition to the new barns and site improvements, Fasig-Tipton is in the process of renovating the former feed store on East Avenue. Plans include adding awnings, and repainting and repairing the exterior to provide storage for materials and equipment.

Construction of the new barns is expected to reach major completion on Friday July 20 with final items complete the week of July 23. According to Boucher Fasig-Tipton began design work for the construction of the barns the end of 2017 and reached out to Kodiak Construction in April after receiving City approvals.

“The Building Department issued a building permit on May 22, and with eight weeks until the staff at Fasig-Tipton needed to stage the barns for the auction, Kodiak set and maintained an aggressive and organized construction schedule to turn the vacant parcel into a world-class thoroughbred facility to support an event that brings so many people to our community each August,” Boucher said about the speedy building process.

Kodiak Construction is the building entity for the project; site plans that were created by The LA Group provide for a mix of elements to finish the project. The LA Group is the site engineer while Frost-Hurff Architects designed the new barns.

Fasig-Tipton was formed in 1898 and is North America’s oldest thoroughbred auction company. Now headquarted in Lexington, Kentucky unbeknownst to most the first headquarters were in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Fasig-Tipton’s Saratoga sale of selected yearlings dates back to 1917 when Fasig-Tipton formed an alliance with some of the top Kentucky breeders to sell their yearlings during the race meet in upstate New York.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Casino Hotel is teaming up with the American Red Cross to host a Blood Drive on July 23. Members of the local community are urged to join dozens of Saratoga Casino Hotel team members to give blood. The blood drive will take place inside the hotel ballroom and begin at noon and end 6 p.m.

This isn’t the first blood drive hosted by the Saratoga Casino Hotel.

“We always go into each one of our blood drives hoping to collect 50 donations. With the Red Cross recently issuing an emergency need for blood, we certainly would love to exceed our goal,” said Alex Tucker the General Manager at Saratoga Casino Hotel.

“We’ve partnered with the Red Cross on blood drives for over five years now... We strive to be good corporate stewards within our community whenever we have the chance, and our blood drives provide us with great opportunities to do just that. The work the Red Cross does is truly commendable,” he added.

The blood drive comes as the Red Cross recently raised the need for blood from a critical level to an emergency need on July 9. The Red Cross experienced a shortfall of more than 56,000 blood donations in May and June, resulting in a significant draw down of the Red Cross blood supply. It is about 7 percent short of what was needed during these months. In the New York-Penn Blood Services Region, more than 3,000 fewer donations were collected than needed during this time frame, contributing to the overall shortfall.

According to the American Red Cross, the shortfall is the equivalent of the Red Cross not collecting blood for more than four days and blood shortages are often worse around Independence Day due to fewer volunteer-hosted blood drives at places of work, worship or community gathering.

To date, Saratoga Casino Hotel has collected over 1,400 blood donations at their biannual blood drives. The collections have gone on to directly help over 3,200 patients in need.

“Our team members and the local community always respond with tremendous generosity when we host our blood drives,” said Tucker.

“Our partnership with the Red Cross is something we value, and we look forward to helping them out in a time of need,” he added.

“There is a very serious need forimmediatebloodandplatelet donations,” said Patty Corvaia, Communications Manager for the New York – Penn Blood Services Region.

“If you’ve ever considered giving blood to help save lives, now is the time to do it,” she added.

All presenting donors at this year’s Blood Drive will receive a $10 voucher to Perks Café, located in the hotel lobby. Donors are encouraged to make an appointment prior to the July 23 Blood Drive. To schedule a time, call 518-581-5774 or visit

Thursday, 12 July 2018 17:18

Battery Plant Charges Up Local Economy

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Key Capture Energy LLC, headquartered in Albany, plans to build a 20-megawatt (MW), utility-scale battery energy storage facility at the Luther Forest Technology Campus. The facility will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in New York and will create a more stable grid to drive economic growth.

Groundbreaking is expected this fall for the KCE (Key Capture Energy) NY 1 project, which will have no emissions, a low noise profile, and be screened byexisting vegetation and landmasses.

The project is supporting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s goal of achieving 1,500 MW of energy storage by 2025.

The project will enable the creation of 25 construction jobs and 9 full-time positions. Just as importantly, the facility will provide clean energy to enhance power grid performance and reliability, addressing the needs of advanced technology companies, including GlobalFoundries, and promoting further economic and job growth in Saratoga County.

“So the installation is going to be on a fenced gravel yard that is probably going to be about one acre,” said Key Capture Energy Chief Development Officer Dan Fitzgerald.

“The way the batteries are set up is using lithium ion technology and the cells of the batteries are put into racks, which are put into modules, which are put into the big containers. So it’s really a series of many smaller cells in racks and modules within the containers,” he added.

According to Fitzgerald the project will be completely built and operational by the end of January in 2019 and is private equity backed. Fitzgerald also noted that the installation at Luther Forest will be situated behind natural land rises and tucked away behind trees so it will not be visible to the naked eye.

Key Capture Energy is an energy storage development company focused on becoming the leading east-coast independent developer for utility-scale battery storage projects being responsive to needs of an intermittent grid. Key Capture identifies opportune locations, sites, develops, deploys and operates energy storage systems.

The KCE NY 1 facility will address a growing reality in energy generation and delivery. As more large-scale renewable energy projects come online, and intermittent resources are added totheenergymix,itisbecoming increasingly important to find ways to keep the electrical grid stable. Energy storage can play a significant role in helping to integrate renewables into the grid while maintaining grid stability, as well as providing firm energy output during periods of peak usage, which prevents system outages during extreme weather conditions.

The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership announced on July 5 that it has secured incentives to enable Key Capture Energy LLC to build the battery storage facility. The Saratoga Partnership will rebate its share of IDA fees, estimated at $33,750, to Key Capture Energy to provide additional savings to the company.

“The Saratoga Partnership is delighted to assist Key Capture Energy in developing this project, which will serve as an important economic driver for Saratoga County,” said Marty Vanags, President of the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership.

“In better enabling green energy, creating direct jobs, and supporting job growth at companies in Saratoga County, this project exemplifies a long-term, sustainable approach to economic development,” Vangas said.

Photo provided. Some photos captured by Natalie Walsh. 

SARATOGA SPRINGS — In the last year, the community’s beloved Pitney Meadows Community Farm has made a lot of changes.

Since this time last July, the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens have become an official Monarch way station, created a large “Grandparent’s Garden,” started a reading and gardening Saturday program for children, increased the number of plots and now has more than 70 gardeners growing fresh healthy food in their gardens.

“It’s truly amazing. People who visit the gardens can’t believe it is only one year old,” said garden director Natalie Walsh, crediting the community of gardeners that has made the difference.

“They aren’t just tending their plots, but also are interested in learning organic gardening techniques, engaging children in the gardens, and extending a hand to each other and to the Saratoga community at large. It truly is a community in the gardens,” she added.

Last year the Community Gardens had 50 spaces available. This year, there are 72 beds.

“We are working to respond to what the community wants. When gardeners asked for bigger spaces, we offered them,” Walsh said.

Gardeners pay to lease the space for the season and the costs vary according to plot size.

In addition, Walsh added flowerbeds to draw pollinators such as butterflies, bees and beneficial insects. Of particular interest was offering habitat to Monarch butterflies whose populations have been in decline across the United States.

In the community gardens, a large garden was installed and planted with butterfly plants that have different bloom periods and provide nectar throughout the summer and into the fall. The milkweed provides the Monarch caterpillar with its only food source.

Engaging the community is a goal for Walsh, who traveled

over 13,000 miles last winter talkingtocommunitygardeners across the country.

This year, the gardens offer programs for adults as well as children. “We were fortunate to have two community gardeners interested in working with children. One is Faye Mihuta, a reading teacher, and the other is Jess Clauser, an artist. Together they designed a reading program that meets once a week and is followed by an art or garden project,” Walsh said.

The reading program is free. The art or garden project costs $5 per child and includes activities including learning how to make jam, making art and learning how to plant and care for seeds. The program, which is held every Saturday morning starting at 9:30 a.m., has been very well-received as have the adult programs on topics such as growing tomatoes.

Also on Saturday mornings, Walsh will lead a gardening class for participants to walk around the gardens and discuss any issues, problems and receive tips from Walsh, who is a master gardener and holds a horticulture degree from SUNY Cobleskill.

The garden also saw the construction of a beautiful cedar pergola that was donated in memory of the late Charlotte Justin by her family and built by local craftsman Rich Torkelson and his son Arik.

The grandmother’s gardens were funded with a grant from the Soroptimists and multiple private donors who also purchased furniture for the space. In addition, the popular sunflower house has also been expanded. A sunflower house is an enclosed space that has “walls” of sunflowers.

Other organizations include the Waldorf school that illustrated signs for the butterfly garden, Saratoga Bridges who care for their own plot and help water others, Franklin Community Center, the Saratoga Senior Center, Saratoga Transitional Services, Saratoga Catholic Central, the Girl Scouts and the high school.

That will also be the day the sunflowers in the annual sunflower contest will be measured for height and size of bloom. The biggest in each category will receive a prize. Last year, 26 people entered, this year there are 60 participants.

“There no doubt the garden is growing,” she added. “If you haven’t visited, come by on a Thursday or Saturday morning and I’ll show you around and tell you what we have planned for next year,” Walsh said.

For more information visit the website: www.pitneymeadows

MALTA — On July 2 the proposed Adirondack Aquatic Center (AAC) updated the Malta Town Board on the project’s progress and unveiled a promotional video. In attendance was Vincent DeLucia, Supervisor for Town of Malta, the Malta Town Board, Kara Haraden, President of Adirondack Aquatic Center and Mike Relyea, Vice President, Adirondack Aquatic Center. The proposed project will be built off Route 67 in Malta.

The multi-use, year-round facility will hold four pools, including a 50-meter Olympic-size pool, of varying lengths, depths and temperatures for diverse swim programs that include learning to swim, exercise and rehabilitation, as well as training and competition. Plans also include spectator seating, classroom areas, meeting rooms, aquatic-focused exercise and weightroom, studio/multi-purpose area, pro shop, concessions area and locker rooms.

“I’m in very strong support of it,” Vincent DeLucia said, Supervisor for the Town of Malta.

“Not only would it provide great opportunity for not only life-saving skills and recreation, and tremendous competition throughout the Northeast, but it would have a dramatic positive economic impact in the entire area. Not just the Town of Malta but certainly the county of Saratoga and even the entire Capital District region. When you have college and high school swim competitions

throughout the year, many of the people are coming from great distances and they would generally stay in the area, as far away as Albany, Schenectady, probablyeven Glens Falls and so forth,” he added.

Adirondack Aquatic Center is a nonprofit organization that was founded to fill a need for year- round aquatic services that address the health, wellness, recreation, safety, competition and training needs of the local residents, communities and organizations.

According to DeLucia, who’s been in talks with representatives from the AAC for nearly two-and- a-half years, the next closest aquatic center similar to the one proposed, is Greensboro, North Carolina. He added that representatives from Greensboro Aquatic Center said that in the first year, the economic impact in that entire region was close to 40 million dollars.

“Now that doesn’t mean that could be guaranteed here but it is certainly a pretty good point,” DeLucia said.

The Adirondack Aquatic Center continues to attain fiscal support for the proposed 80,000-square-foot indoor aquatic facility. So far, Adirondack Aquatic Center has secured $2 million of the estimated $22 million needed to build the aquatic center.

In the meantime the AAC continues to seek support from donors.

“They’re moving well in that direction. They’re close to closing in,” he added.

Thursday, 12 July 2018 16:48

Frances Day at the Tang

Photos Provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College is opening its doors to the public for a day of free events on the fifth annual Frances Day, a community open house.

On July 14 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., visitors can experience multiple contemporary art exhibitions, art-making activities, food, music, and fun in honor of the museum’s namesake, Frances Young Tang.

Visitors to this year’s Frances Day will have numerous opportunities to interact with artists whose work is exhibited in the museum while being able to engage in art-making activities inspired by the work on view in the museum. In addition to button making and visor decorating, visitors can join in the creation of a collaborative two-sided artwork inspired by Dona Nelson’s two-sided paintings. The collaborative artwork will be created by threading yarn of various colors through a pegboard, allowing visitors to create abstract images on both sides.

“We go through a lot of different growing stages and thinking about who we are in the world and we’re still thinking about that,” Michael Janairo, Assistant Director for Engagement, said about the museum. 

“We’re quite successful and quite well known among academic museums around the world, which is very different from, if you’re a family in Saratoga. We have a very strong family Saturday program that’s been around for 14 to 15 years ... So we were thinking what could we do to engage better with the local community, the people who live around here,” he added.

The Tang Museum aims to disrupt the notion that going to museums is an elitist activity. The museum’s actual structure is the proof. The Tang Museum includes various entrances, and multiple staircases that put forward the idea that the museum should be inclusively accessible to all. The museum has classrooms where classes are held for the students at Skidmore College as well.

“We are open to the public all the time but we find... It’s not that we’re not open to the public; it’s just that people need invitations to come. So we think having a day where there’s a lot of interactivity can create an exciting moment for people to come check things out,” Janairo said.

Frances Young Tang was a businesswoman, philanthropist, and 1961 Skidmore College graduate who died in 1992. In her memory, the Tang family made a substantial donation that led to the Tang Teaching Museum becoming a reality in 2000. Frances Day honors Frances Young Tang’s legacy of creativity and philanthropy with a day of free activities.

Visitors will also be able to sign up for giveaways of Tang- related prizes, including private museum tours, exhibition catalogs, CDs, and more.

To find the schedule and full list of activities for Frances Day visit

Photos provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame has announced Season two of Foal Patrol this fall.

Since Foal Patrol’s debut, the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame’s Foal Patrol project has received more than one million views across its various media platforms and was viewed in 37 countries. Season two will debut this fall at www.foalpatrol. com. Announcements regarding the participating farms and mares will be made later this summer.

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame launched Foal Patrol as a one-of-a-kind collection of live web cameras where people can view real-time streams of several in-foal mares during their pregnancy and through the actual foaling. The website is optimized for viewing across all media platforms, including tablets and smart phones. In addition, the Museum partnered with artist Sharon Crute to develop a Foal Patrol coloring book, which is available in the Museum gift shop.

Foal Patrol currently live streams from eight different farms across the country. Five farms are in Kentucky; two are in New York- one of them being the Old Tavern Farm in Saratoga Springs, and one other in Florida.

The Museum’s partners in developing Foal Patrol include The Jockey Club Technology Services, Keeneland Broadcast Associates, Godolphin Kids, Visit Lex, Horse Country Tours,, The BloodHorse, Equibase, New World Resources and Carr-Hughes Productions.

“The great feedback we have received from Foal Patrol fans and the racing industry has been exceptional,” said Cathy Marino, the director of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.

“To have a million views in six months is such a thrill for everyone at the Museum. People have really fallen in love with these mares and foals and this project has been a great educational tool to help people learn about breeding and raising thoroughbreds. We’re really looking forward to continuing Foal Patrol and making it even better with our second season,” she added.

According to Marino, Foal Patrol hopes to expand on the educational aspects of the website.

“We’ll be shortly adding on a lot of educational aspects. We want to talk about anatomy, pedigree, care of the horses, veterinarian care... We are hoping to eventually have this so that teachers can go on here and link to different educational aspects that they can use in the classroom and perhaps develop a curriculum around it,” Marino said.

Looking ahead, Marino hopes to involve other industry-related organizations for the next year.

Thursday, 28 June 2018 15:04

This Summer at the Lake

Photos provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The 4th of July kicks off the official start to summer here in Saratoga and there is always something to do, just ask Rhiana Leigh of Kayak Shak in Saratoga Springs.


Leigh is the paddleboard yoga instructor at Kayak Shak. She is daughter to proprietor Beau Stallard but she also calls herself the resident artist. It’s her that painted the shack on the property.

“I’m just there making it colorful and bright,” Leigh said.

The Kayak Shak also plans to host a Water Chestnut pull on June 30. A Water Chestnut is an aquatic invasive plant that forms dense floating mats that can negatively impact the environment, economy and recreational use of the area. On July 27 the Kayak Shak will host their annual “Full-Moon Paddle” which is an evening paddle boarding session and fundraiser.

What’s her favorite thing to do in the summer?

“Coming out on the lake then going out for dinner at Harvest and Hearth afterwards is like awesome... It’s a great combo,” she added.

The Kayak Shak rents paddleboards and kayaks and is open everyday this summer from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The property also offers lakeside views and hammocks to relax in.


Harvest and Hearth at 251-BCounty Route 67 in Saratoga Springs is located right next to The Fish Creek Marina at the Kayak Shak. Harvest and Hearth serves wood-fired pizza usingfresh,natural,organic,and local ingredients.


Brown’s Beach Resort (BRR) encompasses Dock Brown’s Tavern Lakeside Tavern and The Nest, an inn with seven guest rooms and hotel amenities, and a Saratoga favorite, Brown’s Beach.

Brown’s Beach, is one of the only the public swimming spots on the lake, open from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Children 12 years old and under are free while those 13 and over will have to pay $2. Brown’s Beach is the perfect spot for a lakeside picnic, swimming and water sports like canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

On July 3 Dock Brown’s Tavern will host a lobster bake on the patio beginning at 6 p.m.

BBR also has fully functioning marina with 150 boat slips, marine fuelservice,boat and snowmobile repair centers, a ship store and a boat launch.

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  • COURT  Elizabeth M. Barthelmas, 49, of Wilton, pleaded July 3 to first degree rape, in connection with incidents that occurred in Wilton between July and December 2017.  Kenneth K. Washburn, 54, of Schuylerville, was sentenced July 5 to two years determinate and 15 years post-release supervision, after pleading to attempted criminal sexual act in the first-degree and possessing a sexual performance by a child.  Joseph P. Flower, 26, of Glenville, pleaded July 11 to robbery in the third-degree in connection with an incident in Saratoga Springs.  Peggy J. Greene, 61, of Saratoga Springs, was sentenced July 11 to five years…

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