About Us

Welcome to Saratoga Publishing...
where "business-as-usual" takes on a whole new meaning.

We aren’t a publicly-owned media giant.
We aren’t a mega-mart publisher who treats clients like numbers.
We ARE a locally-owned and operated boutique Media Company located in Saratoga Springs, NY.
We ARE real people who live in the communities, shop at the stores and have children in the schools.
We care about our clients, our readers and our local issues.

Originally launched in 2006 to publish a grass roots local newspaper, we now also produce a variety of high-quality lifestyle publications for niche markets.

  • Our original product, Saratoga TODAY Newspaper, is the community’s weekly source of local news and information. The colorful, easy-to-read tab format and use of the dynamic headline, combined with our 100 percent local focus, makes Saratoga TODAY a must-have newspaper for homeowners and business people in the greater Saratoga Springs region.
  • As the years passed and our loyal readership grew, we launched our magazine division.

    Simply put… our primary magazine is Simply Saratoga; A high-end, bi-monthly lifestyle magazine. Weaved throughout colorful pages are regular features that everyone loves as well

  • With over 500,000 hits a month saratogaTODAYnewspaper.com is a great way to reach our online readers at affordable rates.

Whether you are a reader or an advertiser, you are the reason we do this and we want to thank you for your support, your loyalty and for making us a part of your lives -

Thank You,
Chad Beatty
Owner, Publisher


Saratoga TODAY Newspaper is available at every Stewart’s Shop from Exit 10 to Exit 16 and at these other convenient pick-up locations.

* Look for our Blue Box!
** Magazine pick-up locations


Adirondack Trust**
Aroxy Cleaners
Country Corner Café – Church Street*
Cudney’s Cleaners
Empire State College
Five Points Grocery
Fortunate Cup
Franklin Community Center
Home of the Good Shepherd
Hungry Spot
Lyrical Ballad
Mobil/Dunkin Donuts – West Avenue
NBT Bank
Olde Bryan Inn
One West Medical**
Outer Zone*
Price Chopper**
Public Schools
Roohan Realty
Saratoga Farmer’s Market
Saratoga Hospital
Saratoga Library**
Saratoga Gaming and Raceway*
Saratoga Post Office (Broadway)
Saratoga Post Office (Washington Street)
Saratoga Train Station
Saratoga Visitor’s Center
Saratoga YMCA**
Shirley’s Diner
Skidmore Case Center and Palamountain Hall
Spring Street Deli
Stewart’s Shops
The Local
The Wesley Community
Triangle Diner
Uncommon Grounds
Wise Building

Ballston Spa

Adirondack Trust**
Ballston Spa Post Office*
Ballston Spa Veterinary
Coffee Planet**
Cumberland Farms
Curtis Lumber
My Gym
South Street Market
Stewart’s Shops


Adirondack Trust**
Ballston Spa National Bank
Community Center**
De Lucia’s Market
Malta Medical Arts**
Price Chopper**
Stewart’s Shops
Tech Park – GlobalFoundries
Town Office Building


Geyser Rd. Area
Cumberland Farms'
Stewart’s Shops
Quad Graphics


Adirondack Trust**
Burger King*
Five Guys*
Gavin Park
Hess – Exit 15
Home of the Good Shepherd
Mobil – Exit 16
Mobil on the Run – Exit 15
Price Chopper**
Saratoga Heritage Apartments
Stewart’s Shops
The Paddocks of Saratoga
Wilton Medical Arts
Wilton Town Hall


  • COURT Sam Donadio, 66, of Broadalbin, pleaded Sept. 10 to grand larceny in the second-degree. Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen said Donadio, as president of Power Pallet Recycling, withheld more than $152,000 from the Stewart’s Shops Corporation over a three-year period by under-reporting by 20 percent to the company the weight of cardboard which he recycled on their behalf.  Sentencing Nov. 5.  Elizabeth M. Barthelmas, of Wilton, was sentenced Sept. 5 to 15 years in state prison and 20 years of post-release supervision, after pleading to rape in the first-degree in connection with a sexual relationship Barthelmas, 49, had…

Property Transactions

  • TOWN OF BALLSTON  155 West High St., $340,000. David and Sara Torrey sold property to Timothy Wientzen and Kendra Sena. 1 Fridholm Dr., $272,000. Christian Fridholm (as Trustee) sold property to Christopher Burton and Hailey Burkhart. 16 Edgewood Dr., $389,900. Michael and Nancy Ciani sold property to Kelly and Daniel Seymour.  10 St. Patrick Place, $365,000. Eduard and Otward Mueller sold property to Anthony and Frances Sinopoli.  32 Beacon St., $269,900. Stephen Picarazzi sold property to Artavius Fisher and Yasmin Lopez.  7 Red Barn Dr., $459,051. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Tek Po Lee and Mei Yee…
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